Gabrielle Takes Tops

By, T.C. O’Neill
Completed 01/24/03

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Author’s Note: I call this my Sixty-Minute Challenge Story. The idea was to write a story in less then one hour. The time limit did not include the disclaimers above, this paragraph or editing. I actually finished in 57 minuets 28 seconds. When I finished, my screen was ablaze with red and green underlining. Stupid Spell-check. Maybe I wanted those sentences to be fragmented. And, who says I have to spell words the same way as everyone else? But I digress. I wrote this story last night and did the decoding, I mean editing today. I know what your thinking. Is the story any good, right? Well, let me state for the record, "This story is no worse then anything else I have written." Now that you’re reassured, on with the story….

"Put it on Gabrielle"

"No, I don't like the way it feels."

"But you look so good with it on. Won't you do it for me?" Xena coaxed

"Look at me Xena." Gabrielle said, as she turned in a circle, like a model. "Don't you think I look good just as I am?"

"You are beautiful my sweet, but I need you to put it on…Please."

"I'm sooo hot Xena. You know that don't you?" Gabrielle said as she placed her hands on her shapely hips.

Xena's eyes roamed over the bard's tanned legs, to her white cotton, wrap-around short skirt. Her visual tour paused on Gabrielle's legendary muscled abs. Then, on up to the perky breast, the graceful neck, the lovely face and finally the perfect blonde hair. "Oh yeah baby, you are hot indeed." Xena said in admiration.

"I mean the temperature." Gabrielle said in exasperation, "It's like an oven in here."

It was the hottest summer anyone could remember. Since the temperature had increased, many of the Amazons had started going bare-breasted. Soon, it became a fashion craze in the village. Even on the days that weren't incredibly hot, many of the Amazons raised the bar on near nakedness each day. Gabrielle was a chief competitor in the "Let's see how close we can get to being nude" event. Even Xena was sporting a light cotton shift instead of her leathers.

Holding Gabrielle's halter-top in her hand, Xena advanced on her pray. "You're not leaving this hut without a top on."

Gabrielle backed away as she said, "Men can go around without a shirt on. Why can't women? Besides, who else is going to see anyway? There's nobody here but women. Nobody cares."

Holding the top out to Gabrielle, Xena said, "I care. I've seen more breasts in the past week then I have my entire life. And I got to tell you, some of them I wish I hadn't seen."

The queen cupped her breast from underneath and raised them slightly. "Even these? Look how firm they are Xena. I know your getting moist just looking at them. Do you want to lick them?" Jiggling them a little, Gabrielle added, "Come taste me baby. Hold them in your hands and squeeze them. Bit my nipples… oh yeah, you'd like that wouldn't you?"

Xena bite her tongue to keep from speaking her thought. Fuck yeah I want them. I want to squeeze those great knockers and suck on them 'til you beg for mercy.

Making that pouting face that Xena found so hard to resist, Gabrielle pressed her advantage. "I want your mouth on my nipples so bad Lover. Put your hand up my skirt. I want you to play with my sweat-covered firm body. Mmmm, I'm getting wet just thinking about you and the things you do to me."

The floating breast before her eyes mesmerized Xena. Gabrielle's sultry words were so inviting, so sexual so… Xena forced herself back to reality and away for the temptations her lover offered. Focus, damn it focus Xena commanded herself. "No you don't, you evil little woman. Put this top on now." Xena had overcome the wicket queen's most seductive charms. Suddenly, her under britches seemed very moist, downright sticky, actually. Ever so slightly, Xena was back in control of herself.

Snatching the top from Xena's hand, Gabrielle spat back. "I'll take it off as soon as I'm away from you, you, condescending bitch."

Xena followed the queen out of the hut. Gabrielle was moving as fast as her little legs would carry her. "Gabrielle, you're acting like a school girl." Gabrielle looked up at the warrior and gave her a resentful stare. Already the thin, cotton top was soaked by the bard's perspiration, leaving nothing to the imagination.

"Xena, you can see my nipples through the top anyway, what difference does it make?" The queen snapped.

Xena stepped in front of her lover and held the smaller woman by the shoulders. "Isn't today the day when the queens from each of the villages come to reaffirm their loyalty and support to you. The chief queen or whatever you are called these days?"

"Mother Queen, my title is Mother Queen of All Amazons. What's your point?"

"Mother Queen?" Xena had to smile at that. Gabrielle was half the age of most of the twenty-six Village Queens.

"Well, what would the other queens think of the Mother Queen going primitive? It wouldn't make a very good impression I’d bet." Xena knew she had her now. Gabrielle was always overly concerned with what people thought of her.

Gabrielle thought for a moment and then looked up at Xena. "You know, your right." Slapping herself in the head she said, "I'm so darn stupid. What could I have been thinking? Xena, the queens will all be here at sundown for the reaffirmation ceremony. You've got to help me. I'll be the laughing stock of the whole Nation." Gabrielle began wringing her hands, "Oh gods, oh gods, what will I do?' Balling her hands into fists she shook with anger. Grabbing Xena by her shoulder straps, she said. "You’re my champion, make this right for me baby." Batting her emerald eyes she husked, "I would be so grateful… if you know what I mean."

Xena pulled the bard's hands from her damp shift. "Don't worry little Queen Mama. We'll make this right. All we need is a plan."

Gabrielle punched her palm with the fist of her right hand. Causing a resounding SMACK! I got it Xena. I have a plan. I want you to make sure that every Amazon in the village is dressed properly. Start with the patrols outside the village. It wouldn't do to have the queens and their escorts greeted by half naked Amazons from my village. You'll have to work fast because you will need to be back her for the ceremony as my. Maybe get some of my personal guard to help you."

"Right, Gabrielle. I'm on it." Xena started to hurry away when Gabrielle called to her.

"Xena, a kiss before you go?" Xena scampered back. Taking the blonde in her arms, she kissed Gabrielle deeply. After a few moments Gabrielle pushed her back. "You must go Xena to save my reputation. Go, go, go."

"Right. I should get my sword."

"No time Xena. You don't need a sword. Hurry, my love." Gabrielle purred

"Right. I don't need a sword. I should go now."

Gabrielle did not respond. She made a shoeing motion with her hand.

"Got yeah covered Gabrielle." Xena jogged a few feet, and then stopped. Turning to Gabrielle, she yelled, "Got you covered, get it? I made a joke. You know, I got you covered up with the top…"

Gabrielle gave Xena a beautiful smile, "Yes Xena, your very clever, but you must hurry. Ride like the wind my love." The bard blew Xena a kiss. Xena pretended to catch it in her hand and pressed her fingers to her lips. After a shy smile, Xena turned and ran. Fell, got up and ran again.

Gabrielle watched Xena run over to a squad of guards and convey the Queen's instructions. They all ran to the stables, some pulling shirts and halter-tops over bear-breast as they ran inside the stable. Moments later, Xena and the mounted guards raced out of the village on the Queen's business. Xena waver to her love as Argo bolted past.

After the dust settled and Xena was out of sight, Gabrielle pulled the clinging top off and dropped it on the ground. As she walked into the meeting hall, a bare-breasted regent greeted her at the door.

"Are all the queens in the meeting chamber now?" Gabrielle asked.

The regent had seen Xena and the Queen’s Guard speed away when she opened the door. "Yes my Queen. They await your arrival. Ah… won't Xena be attending the ceremony?"

Gabrielle chuckled, "Oh you can bet she'll be here at some point tonight." With a sly grin, she thought, Xena, sometimes your just too easy. Once again, I come out on top. Gabster- 1, Xena nada.

Several hours later, the cute redheaded commander of the guards rode up to an angry looking Warrior Princess. "The reports are all the same Xena. The queens and their parties all came through last night or early this morning. They should have been it the village before we even left. Should we go back?"

Xena spoke very slowly and deliberately. "Oh yeah, Red. We are definitely going back to the village. I have a ceremony to attend."


That’s it. Let me know what you think. If I get some positive response, I’ll write a sequel.

Stay Strong,

T.C. O’Neill

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