The Saddle

By, T.C. O’Neill
Completed 01/15/03

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Author’s Note: This story is the sequel to "Gabrielle, Bard In Bondage". You may wish to read that story first, if you haven’t already, for a better understanding of the events. It's posted on this website. It’s only about 14 pages. "The Saddle" was written for the folks that were kind enough to ask for a follow-up story. See, feedback does matter.

Xena awoke when a ray of sunlight beamed onto her face from the small window near the door of the hut. She hadn’t opened her eyes yet, but knew there was something different. Normally, she could feet the weight of Gabrielle sleeping on top of her. There was no weight. She moved her hand across the bed. No Gabrielle. "Gabrielle?" No reply.

She pulled her naked body to a sitting position. Forcing her eyes to focus, she surveyed the interior of the hut. She was alone. Xena climbed out of the bed and pulled her robe on. Poor Gabrielle she thought. When they were on the road, Gabrielle would often sleep half the day away after an all night session of lovemaking. But they were in the Queen’s Amazon village. As queen, Gabrielle was often called away to deal with affairs of state regardless of the time. Being queen was a twenty-four hour job.

As the Queen of the Amazon Nation, Gabrielle found her time to be completely consumed. Gabrielle’s position was becoming a point of contention between the two lovers.

The warrior slid out of bed to found that her muscles were in knots. Her little bard had given her quite a workout last night. Xena remembered how she had repaid the bard in kind. Xena had been away for three weeks. The old saying was true; absence really did make the heart grow fonder. It also made you very horny. With the aid of some strong Amazon wine the two had moved their passion to a new level last night.

Xena smiled at the memory of the previous night. After feasting on each other’s bodies over and over again, the two had found a new twist to add to their ever-increasing arsenal of passion and lust. Role-playing, or as Gabrielle called it play-acting, by whatever name they called it, it had been fantastic. Xena had been the master and Gabrielle had been the slave. Gabrielle could be one sick puppy when she wanted to be, and she wanted to be one last night.

When you mix love, animal lust, bondage and spankings, you have the stuff erotic memories are made of. Just thinking about last night made Xena’s pulse quicken. "I should go down to the hot springs and clean myself up and go look for Gabrielle." Xena thought. But her body was sending her a message that it needed attention first. "Where are you when I need you, my love?" Xena thought as she reclined on the bed. After opening her robe, the warrior ran her hands over her long body. As she cupped her breast, Xena knew that she would have to satisfy her urges before she could venture out of the hut.

She glanced at the door and noticed that it was slightly ajar. Moving her fingers to erect nipples, she considered the possibility of someone walking in on her while she pleasured herself. The thought only made her grow more excited. As she began to pluck and pinch her nipples, she admitted to herself, I’m a very wicket woman. She actually grinned when it occurred to her that maybe the Queen would have to administer a spanking to her for her disgraceful behavior. She would admit her self-abuse and gladly accept any corrective actions the Queen desired to hand out.

The warrior moved one hand from it task of working a nipple and licked her fingers. She moved the fingers to her vaginal lips and began a well-practiced massage. Before her mind descended into a lustful fog she rehearsed her confession to her wife.

Well it’s like this Sweetheart, while you were doing Queenly stuff, I stayed in bed and played with myself. When green, jealous eyes bore into her she would give a little pout and say, But I was thinking of you the entire time, Honey. Xena felt her juices begin to flow. She withdrew her sticky fingers and placed them in her mouth to taste her own liquid nectar. She remembered the first time she had tasted herself compliments of Gabrielle. Sure, she had kissed other women’s lips that carried the residue from her moist opening before, but nothing like the volumes Gabrielle had fed her.

They had been camped near a small pound on a warm summer night. Xena was stretched out on her bedroll. Her little bard was gainfully employed between her legs. She took her eyes from the star filled sky, to look down her own long body under the moonlight. Gabrielle’s blonde head bobbed up and down and side to side, attacking Xena’s womanhood from every angle with lips, teeth and tongue.

Xena was going out of her mind as her skilled lover made her body shake and tremble. "Oh yeah… eat me, Baby. Eat me good." Xena cried out as she felt her orgasm approaching. Gabrielle’s replay was lost between the folds of the warrior’s pink flesh. Xena’s hips raised and bucked as she sent one final gush of sticky reward into the bard’s face.

Xena was spent. She held out her arms signaling her lover to fall into her embrace as she always had after she climaxed. Gabrielle straddled the taller woman’s hips, a wicket twinkle in her emerald eyes indicated that Gabrielle had thought of yet another innovation in lovemaking. "Excuse me Miss", the bard said sweetly. "But I have just performed oral sex on a beautiful woman and I was wondering if you would mind greatly licking my face for me. You see it’s all sticky and I can’t lay with my lover in my present condition.

The warrior was taken back. The idea of licking her own excretions was something she had never considered before. Nor, had any other lover asked her to do. But this was Gabrielle, the most aggressive and creative lover she had ever known.

Before Xena could think, the bard lowered her face to her’s and said in a husky voice, "Lick it. Lick it now."

Xena extended a tentative tongue and licked the bard between the nose and the top of her upper lip. "Swallow." The smaller woman commanded. Gabrielle could be very bossy at times like this. Xena complied. It tasted like… it tasted like nothing. But the sticky substance felt kind of pleasant going down her throat. Soon the warrior had her hands turning the bard’s head to accommodate a lover’s tongue. When she had cleaned the bard’s face completely with her tongue, she was rewarded with a "Good Girl" from her lover.

Gabrielle reached behind her and inserted her fingers into Xena’s still moist hole. Making a display of it, Gabrielle tilted her head back. Moving her fingers near her lips, she licked her coated fingers, slowly. The erotic scene caused the warrior to gush more juices. Gabrielle plunged her fingers into Xena a second time. The warrior’s body welcomed the assault. But when she withdrew her fingers, she placed them within tongues reach of Xena’s lips. "Suck my fingers." The warrior licked the fingers offered her and then sucked them into her mouth. Gabrielle alternated the feeding between Xena and herself. "You like that, don’t you bitch?" Gabrielle said.

Gabrielle knew all the buttons to push. Whenever the smaller woman talked tough and dirty, Xena was turned on. In a breathless voice Xena pleaded, "Oh yeah, baby. I like that. Talk dirty to me."

When Xena’s body had nothing left to offer a thirsty bard or warrior princess, Gabrielle gave her lover an evil smile and asked. "Want more Princess?"

"I think I’m all out." Xena replied.

"Ye of little imagination." Gabrielle said as she stood up from her seat on Xena’s hips.

"Oh, don’t leave me Gabrielle." The warrior whimpered.

"Now why would you think I would do a thing like that?" Gabrielle said as she squatted down over Xena’s head. "Do you want to eat my pussy, Xena?"

Through clinched teeth Xena replied, "Yes. I want it bad."

Grabbing Xena’s bangs in on hand Gabrielle demanded, "Beg for it. Beg to eat my good pussy."

Xena was so turned on she couldn’t take much more of a delay. "Please… please let me eat you." Xena’s hands moved to her own pubic area.

Gabrielle gave Xena’s bangs a slight tug. "There will be none of that. Do you wasn’t to masturbate or feast on my goodie box"

"Gabrielle please, I can’t take much more. I… I need you." Xena half whimpered.

The bard stroked Xena’s distressed face. "Then maybe you should start convincing me. You know, humble yourself to me. Maybe I’ll feel sorry for you… or maybe I won’t." To put Xena more on edge, Gabrielle began to massage the warrior’s breast.

Xena rocked her head from side to side. "I’m begging you... please Gabrielle."

Xena, your a wimp. You have work to do. Now get to it." Xena took a deep breath before her nose and mouth were incased in golden pubic hair and divine pink flesh.

As Xena employed her mouth and tongue, Gabrielle fought to control her trembling legs. Every few second she would raise her body to give Xena an opportunity to gasp for air and then lower herself back down on her partner’s hungry mouth. When the bard’s legs could no longer support her, Xena took control.

Gabrielle felt herself being lifted into the air. Strong arms held her at her waist upside down, as a standing warrior buried her face between spread legs. Several woodland creatures ran and a flock of birds took flight as Gabrielle screamed upon reaching her orgasm. As Gabrielle was lowered to the bedroll, her dangling arm made contact with the ground, but so spent was she that her arms folded limply. Xena lowered her gently onto the bedroll and lay beside her.

The bard cried and clung to her lover. Xena wrapped her arms around the smaller women and rocked her gently. Xena kissed tear stained cheeks and whispered undying love and devotion. While Gabrielle’s body shook with each sob, Xena littered her lover with soft kisses.

Finally, the tears stopped and Gabrielle begged for deep kisses from the only woman she knew could ever own her heart. After a little sniffle, Gabrielle displayed a perfect smile. In a soft voice she said, "Xena, I love you with all my heart. You know that don’t you."

The warrior kissed her lightly on the forehead and said. "If you love me half as much as I love you, ours would be the greatest love of all time." This statement was rewarded with a hug and one of the best kisses anyone could ever hope for.

Both women fell silent for a long time. Even the great bard, could find no words to express the emotion the she felt. After a while, Xena heard her lover making muffled sounds between her breasts. Xena stroked her lover’s hair and tried to comfort her with words. "There, there my love. No need to cry. I’m here and I will always be with you, as it was meant to be." As Gabrielle lifted her head from Xena’s chest, Xena realized that the sound was laughter, not sobs. Sparkling green eyes looked up into blue eyes.

"What’s so funny?" Xena demanded.

Gabrielle tried to speak but broke down into a fit of giggles. "C’mon, tell me Gabrielle…out with it." Xena wrapped her arms around the bard tightly. "Your not moving until you tell me. Are you laughing at me because I got all mushy and sentimental there for a while?"

Gabrielle forced herself to regain her composer. "Oh no, my love. When you speak from your heart it means so much to me. Let me sit up and wipe my eyes and I’ll tell you what I was laughing at. Please."

Xena reluctantly released her captive from her arms. The soul mates sat side by side. When Xena felt the bard’s giggles had pass she said, "Well what is it?"

"I was just thinking of something you said." Gabrielle said with a tender smile as she reached for Xena’s hand.

Xena’s face had a questioning look. "What did I say?" The little bard kissed the hand she held. And gave it a gentle pat. Xena pulled her hand away and in mock annoyance and said, "Don’t try to ply your womanly charms on me my little bard. Speak now, or I will do something to you won’t like."

Now Gabrielle chuckled. "Yeah, what would you do, spank me? I like to be spanked. That’s no punishment."

Quick as a cat, Xena had the brad pinned to the ground. From her position on top of the bard she said. "Last chance little girl." The older woman licked her index finger and smiled wickedly.

Gabrielle’s face had a look of horror. "No please not that. Anything but a Wet Willie." The bard begged. Gabrielle truly hated and feared Wet Willies. Xena had devised the torture sometime ago. It involved placing a moist finger into Gabrielle’s ear and then slowly turning it. Gabrielle couldn’t stand the feel of a wet finger in her ear. For some reason, a moist tongue was acceptable, but a wet finger in her ear… well, that was disgusting.

Turning her head from side to side to avoid the slowly approaching appendage, Gabrielle cried out, "I’ll talk, I’ll talk, just take it away and I tell you anything you want to know."

Xena sat up and basked in her victory over the small, delicate woman beneath her. Xena displayed her best, evil warlord grin. "Why Gabrielle, I’m surprised. You have been chain and wiped by slave traders and not been broken. But here you are now ready to reveal your secrets to me."

Gabrielle smiled and said, "Yes, but in defense of slave trades and other villains, they don’t have your ability to invent unspeakably, cruel tortures that you’re evil mind can devise. How to you come up with stuff like that? You truly have a sick, twisted mind."

Xena got off of her mate and helped her to a sitting position. Placing her arm around her lover, she said, "I have many skills" Xena leaned over and kissed her love on the ear. "Now talk or I’ll give you a Double Wet Willie."

Gabrielle gave a sigh and then spoke. "I was thinking about what you said while I was servicing you."

Xena thought for a moment, but couldn’t come up with any profound statements. "What did I say?"

Gabrielle gave her a look as if to say, "This is very important. Pay attention." Then a wicket smile broke out on her face and she said," You said, Eat me Baby. Eat me good." Gabrielle began to giggle again as she repeated the phrase. "Yep, it was Eat me Baby. Eat me good."

Xena gave the bard’s shoulder a little squeeze and said with a smile, "No, I did not say that. You’re lying."

"Honest, that is what you said. I wouldn’t lie about it."

Xena tried to remember but couldn’t. But if Gabrielle said she said it, then she probably did. "And just why is that so funny, may I ask?"

Gabrielle began to glide her hand up and down the warrior’s leg. "Oh, I don’t know. I guess when I first met you I didn’t think I would every find myself performing oral sex on you while you shouted encouragements. It just struck me as funny."

"Hmmm." Xena said as she thought about verbal exchanges they had made during their lovemaking. "And what about the things you said while we were making love?"

Gabrielle looked at her and thought for a moment. "Me? No, no, no, no, I didn’t say anything like that."

"That’s right, you didn’t. You were much more evil. Compared to you, I’m Miss Innocent."

"Ha, that a laugh." Gabrielle said, "I don’t know of any Miss Innocents that hold their partner upside down in the air and feast on their lover’s pussy."

"GABRIELLE! Such language." Xena said in sincere surprise. "Besides, I’m talking about the way you forced me to do things."

Now it was Gabrielle that was shocked. "I forced you, the Warrior Princess? No, I don’t think so, not sweet little me. Ask anyone; I’m all goodness and light. While you on the other hand are all dark and moody."

"They don’t know you the way I do, Gabrielle. You made me beg for sex, for one thing. Remember when you held out your sticky face and said. " Lick it. Lick it now." Then when my mouth was filled with my juices you ordered me to swallow it. And you were trying to drive me nuts. While I was begging, you drove me to the edge before you let me have you. Then you sat on my face and said I had work to do and I should get to it. Does any of that ring a bell?"

Gabrielle blushed in the firelight. "I did do that, didn’t I? And I forced you to do it against your will?

Xena smiled. "Well forced isn’t the right word. And, I admit, I enjoyed it all. But it’s just at times …well you can be very demanding. Well ah… bossy is the right word."

"Me bossy? I find that hard to believe. But, I promise you this; I will never be bossy again. Really."

Xena hugged her and after a loving kiss said, "I don’t mind if you’re a little bossy at times. I think it’s kind of cute."

The bed shook as Xena climaxed. Just the memory of that exceptional night under the stars had fueled her solo passion. Xena hugger a pillow, wishing her wife was in its place. "Just a little nap and then I'll start my day." She thought as she drifted off to sleep. Her last thought before she slept was "I love you my dear, sweet, gentle Gabrielle."


Xena rolled off the bed in the opposite direction of the shout. Standing on the other side of the bed from where Xena crouched was Gabrielle. Dressed her ceremonial regalia; she was a beautiful sight. Or, would have been if she wasn't looking exceptionally displeased. Her hands were balled into little fists and planted firmly on her exquisite hips. One foot was taping on the floor.

"Oh, this doesn't look good." Xena thought to herself. "Maybe I can sweet-talk her a little." Xena gave what she thought was her brightest smile. "Baby, I was just thinking about you. Did you have a nice day in council or court… whatever you call it?"

Gabrielle stopped staring daggers at Xena long enough to pick a bowl up from the floor and hurl it at Xena's head. Xena ducked as the pottery shattered against the wall.

With arms crossed across her chest, Gabrielle answered in a mockingly sweet tone, "Why yes Xena, I had a wonderful time. I can't tell you how much I love to get up before dawn and sit with an empty stomach, in a hot stuffy hall that smells like a bunch of sweaty women, and listen to every little wienie problem every Amazon in the Nation has. Not only do I get to listen to each and every problem, I get to solve them all as well." Gabrielle picked up another bowl and flung it at Xena. Once again, Xena ducked and avoided harm. "Sweetie, listen, I…"

Gabrielle held up one finger to silence her partner. As she waved her finger back and forth, she said. "No, no. Don't ever interrupt a bard when she is telling a story. You do want to hear my story, don't you?"

Xena gave a small sheepish grin. She had been down this road before. Whatever she said would be wrong. If she said yes, then her partner would relive whatever tortures she had endured and get even angrier, if that was possible. If she said no, well that would make her mate angry as well.

The queen walked away from the bed and picked up an old staff that was leaning against a wall. Xena had made it for her years ago. Gabrielle twirled it expertly first with one hand and then the other. "Golly Xena, remember when I couldn't turn this thing without hitting myself on the head?" Before Xena could answer, Gabrielle sprang onto the bed and with one hand held the tip of the staff an inch from Xena's nose. Gabrielle was so quick that Xena didn't even have time to move out of the way. "I'm much better with the staff now, don't you think?" Gabrielle said with a little more steel in her voice.

Xena slowly raised her hand and with one finger gently move the tip of the staff from her face. "Yes Gabrielle, your good. Half raising from her position behind the bed, Xena tried to make peace. "I don’t want any trouble Gabrielle…"

The bard did a back flip off the bed and landed gracefully on her feet with staff in hand. Tossing the staff onto the table, without even looking, she eyed Xena in a way that made the warrior a little nervous.

"Yes Xena, some people improve and some people stay the same. They stay self-centered, you might say. But we were talking about my day, weren't we?"

"Ah, yeah." Xena said, still hiding behind the bed that separated them.

Gabrielle picked up a plate and judged its balance. "It would be an understatement if I told you I didn't have a very good day so far."

"Ah…Gabrielle, I…"

The queen raised her finger again for silence. "Bard speaking, Xena. Hmmm, anyway, I was having a really bad day listening to all these big, dumb warriors talking about their little, dumb problems when a thought occurred to me. " I wondered what my big, dumb warrior was doing."

Gabrielle looked from the plate to Xena and then back at the plate. After considering her options, she smashed the plate on the table. "My big, dumb, self-centered warrior."

"Well, she didn't throw it at me." Xena thought." Sweetheart, maybe you could stop smashing the plates and bowls now. We need them for our food."

"Ah-ha, an excellent point." Gabrielle said as she punched the palm of her hand with her fist. "What did you say? We need them for food?" Gabrielle looked at the table "Gee it's lunch time but I don't see any food. Fool that I am, I thought I could come home and my Xena would have thoughtfully walked thirty paces to the food hut and brought back something for me to eat. Something she didn't even have to cook herself." Gabrielle's voice was growing angrier. "But noooo, I come here and the hut has bowls, cups and plates all over and the bed sheets small all sweaty. In fact, the hut smells like a whorehouse."

Xena wasn't about to ask how Gabrielle knew what a whorehouse smelled like.

Gabrielle took a step closer to the bed. Xena backed up into the wall. She could see that Gabrielle was on the verge of tears. "But that's okay Xena, because I'm use to it. When we are on the road, I have to dress you in the morning. Then I cook for you and clean up the mess. Then in the afternoon I cook for you again. In the evening I mend your clothes and boots then I cook for you again and the next day I do it all over again."

Xena knew that was all true, but Gabrielle left out the parts like, Xena did the hunting and the fishing and she also cleaned the rabbits or the fish they ate. Gabrielle also left out the undressing part they both participated in.

"But that's not all, it gets better." The bard said sharply. "Now as Queen, I have twenty-six villages all filled with Xena want-to-bees. Not one woman in one of the village could wipe herself without my help."

Xena knew that Gabrielle had done a lot for the Amazons. She had used her experience from growing up on a farm to teach the warriors how to grow crops so that they could feed themselves in the winter. She had also built a school in each village. Now the younger generation could all read and write. A few would go on to Athens for a higher education. Gabrielle also negotiated peace treaties, as well as land and water agreements with the nations sharing Amazon boarders.

Gabrielle dropped her arms to her sides. "I'm so tired Xena." Gabrielle's anger had dissipated. Tears began to flow.

Xena rusher to her and held her in her arms. Gabrielle laid her head on Xena's chest and began to sob. "I'm sorry I took it out on you Xena. But I was so hungry and now I have to go back and…"

Xena lead her to a chair at the table. "You sit down. I'll run out and get you something to eat." Gabrielle wiped the tears from her eyes and cheeks. "I can't, I have to go back. The council will be reconvening in a few minuets…"

"Nonsense." Xena said firmly, "They can practice wiping themselves until you come back. You’re the Queen. They do what you say, not the other way around."

As Xena started for the door, Gabrielle called to her, "Xena before you step out that door, close and tie you robe. I don’t' want you running around looking like the village whore."

Xena looked down to see the open robe with nothing but flesh under it. "That's right. I better put on slippers too. They have sanitary regulations you know." After a quick smile, she was out the door.

Gabrielle smiled and said to the empty room, "Yeah, I heard something about a naked warrior being thrown out of the food hut last night."

When Xena returned, she fed her bard. She wouldn't let Gabrielle up from the table until she had two helping of everything. Twice, the council had sent a messenger to ask if the Queen would kindly join them. The first time, Xena politely explained that the queen was eating and would be along in her own good time. The second time the messenger was sent back with a confusing message about practicing wiping techniques.

Gabrielle looked regal and perfect as her champion accompanied her to the council hand in hand. Xena probably did look like the village whore. Her hair looked like a rat's nest and her silk robe refused to stay closed. As she walked, her slippers kept slipping off her feet. Finally, Xena elected to carry the pesky slippers and walk barefooted on the dusty village road.

As they passed a few friends they were met with giggles over the warrior's disarray. "My Xena, you look so charming today. I love what you have done with your hair." A tough looking Amazon said.

Gabrielle laughed and said. "Sorry girls, this little beauty is all mine."

Xena slapped the big warrior playfully on the arm with her slippers. "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." This comment brought on another round of laughter from the already amused Amazons.

After depositing Gabrielle at her meeting, Xena spent the next six hours washing cloths, tending to Argo, making a small alteration to the saddle and cleaning the hut. Her last choir was to make herself attractive for Gabrielle. She went to the hot springs and scrubbed herself clean and washed her hair. When she returned to the hut she lit candles and heated hot water for Gabrielle's bath. The bathtub was one of the few perks the little queen had allowed her subjects to give her.

In the evening, Gabrielle was a little disappointed when she walked out of the council and found no champion waiting for her. As she walked to her hut, she wondered if Xena was off sulking over her little rant in the afternoon. Probably not. Xena could be very forgiving when it came to her wife.

As Gabrielle opened the door to the hut, she was greeted with the smell of flower. Stepping into the candle lit hut she closed the door behind her as she surveyed the room. Wild flowers and soft candlelight were abound. Steam rolled off the top of the bath in the center of the room. Beyond the bathtub, stood Xena, dressed in a fine silk robe she had been given in Chin. Her hair reflected the candlelight. She was a vision of beauty.

Xena gave a courtly bow. "You bath is ready my queen, if you should so desire."

"Xena, you’re not an Amazon and I’m not your queen. You’re my wife and I’m yours." Gabrielle said softly. The blonde loved the fact the Xena was trying to make amends.

With head still bowed, Xena replied, "You’re the ruler of my heart and soul. Therefore, you are my queen." Xena said in almost a whisper.

Gabrielle glided across the room. Placing a gentle finger under Xena’s chin she raised the warrior’s head until their eyes met. "Spoken like a true bard. I couldn’t have said anything sweeter myself." With a loving smile, she said, "I dare you to say that to my face."

"I love you, Gabrielle." Xena said, chocked with emotion.

Holding Xena’s face in her hands, Gabrielle whispered, "Close enough, for my big tough warrior." Xena claimed the lips offered her. Arms wrapped around waists, lips met lips and tongues danced with tongues.

When Xena felt herself becoming too excited she pulled back. "Easy girl, we have a long night ahead of us."

"Oh, we do indeed. I seem to recall something about a riding lesson." There was that wicket gin again. "But lets kiss a while longer. I missed you all day."

Holding Gabrielle at arm’s length, "No way. You’re not getting on Argo until you had a bath. She’s clean and you’re all sweaty. Besides, I didn’t lug twenty buckets of hot water in here to get cold while you drool all over me." Xena teased.

With a laugh, Gabrielle said, "There’s the Xena we all know and love. I guess the mushy stuff is over, right?"

Spinning Gabrielle around to face the tub, Xena gave Gabrielle a little slap on the bottom. "Go, clean yourself. If you’re good, there might be some mushy stuff later."

Facing Xena, Gabrielle pulled her top off and let the short skirt fall to the floor. Standing only in her under britches, she said, "Xena, do my breast look larger to you?" Lifting the twin mounds from beneath, she purred, "Look. I can almost touch my nipple with my tongue."

Xena’s heart began to beat faster. "Stop it, you tease. Get in the tub. Now."

Gabrielle turned her back to her mate. She bent over and slowly pulled her under garment down. "Makeup your mind. Am I the queen of your heart or a tease?"

After admiring the view momentarily, Xena said, "Both." Taking Gabrielle by the elbow, Xena helped her into the tub. "You should do that tongue and nipple thing at the council meetings. I’m sure the girls would love it."

Leaning back in the tub Gabrielle chuckled, "What makes you think I don’t? That’s how we start each meeting." the queen joked. Gabrielle felt the tension leave her muscles as strong hands began to massage her neck and shoulders from behind. "Yeah, that feels sooo good." As the queen became more relaxed, she brought up the subject that was on her mind. "About last night…"

"What about it?" Xena said what a neutral tone.

"I guess I’m a little embarrassed…"

Xena laughed. "This I got’ a hear. In the privacy of our hut you spend most of your time acting like you’re the Tart Queen. Your always shaking your ass in my face or… What was that you just said? Oh yeah, "Look Xena, I can almost touch my nipple with my tongue." Xena moved to the side of the tub and folded her arms on the rim. Resting her chin on her arms, she said, with a sly smile, "What could possibly embarrass you Gabrielle?"

Gabrielle took a deep breath and sighed before speaking. "Well, that whole master-slave thing last night. I really got into it. Actually, I needed it."

"Needed it?"

Gabrielle leaned her head back on the tub rim and closed her eyes. "Yes, I needed it. It was …I don’t know … it gave me balance."

"Balance?" Xena had no idea what her partner was talking about.

Gabrielle opened her eyes and looked at Xena. "Are you going to repeat the end of every sentence I say?

"Sorry Gabrielle. I just don’t understand where you’re going with this."

"Wash my back and I’ll try to explain it to you."

Xena moved to the rear of the tub and picked up a bowl. After filling it with water, she poured hot water on top of the bard’s head. "Just try not to use any big words I might not understand." Xena always hated when Gabrielle explained things to her. The bard always made thing simpler and more drawn out then she need to.

"Hey, watch it!" Gabrielle exclaimed at the surprise water attack.

"Go on, enlighten me with your brilliant mind." Xena had learned a long time ago that sometimes you had to listen to the world according to Gabrielle no matter if you wanted to or not.

"Wash my hair while I talk, please." Gabrielle said. Xena worked the soap up into a lather of suds and began scrubbing her hair.

"Ah-ha! My point exactly." Gabrielle turned in the tub to face Xena.

Xena looked back with a blank expression. "I guess I missed the point."

"What if I had told you to suck my big toe instead of washing my hair?"

"Dam. A trick question and I missed the point again." Xena thought to herself. "Well… I guess I would suck your big toe. Do you want me to suck your toe?"

"No I do not. You missed the point." Gabrielle said in frustration.

Xena gave her a sheepish grin. "I think…I think…"

"Yes?" Gabrielle said hopefully.

Xena took a deep breath and said while bouncing her head from side to side. "I think I would very much like to suck your big toe. In fact, I would like to suck both your big toes. Maybe both at the same time." Xena smiled broadly as if waiting for approval.

Gabrielle slid her head beneath the surface of the water in despair. . When she resurfaced, she was greeted with the sound of laughter. "What’s so funny?" she asked in an annoyed tone.

Xena was laughing so hard; she had to wipe the tears from her eyes. "I’m sorry Gabrielle, I was teasing you. I understand what you mean. Really I do."

"No you don’t." Gabrielle shot back.

"Look, I’m not the world’s greatest bard or Queen of the Amazons, but I understand you."

Gabrielle rested her head on the edge of the tub in defeat. "Alright, fine. Tell me what you think I meant, then we’ll see if you really understand."

"You’re the one everyone looks to, to solve all the problems. Everyone expects you to have all the answers ready or to come up with them on the spot. Your expected to be in charge and in control at all times. Your word is law and that can be an awful lot of responsibility. It can wear on you. Once in a while, you would like not being in control at all. You got off on the role-playing because you were totally under my will. You liked it. And as you said, you needed it. That about right?"

Lifting her head to look at Xena, Gabrielle said, "You do understand." Gabrielle stood up in the tub. "Wash my body for me."

Xena raised an eyebrow. "Is this another trick, Gabrielle?"

"Oh no, I promise. The rest of the night I want to be under your command. Wash me please." Gabrielle said with a little pout. The pout turned into a smile and flashing emerald eyes conveyed sincerity.

Xena placed a chair near the bathtub. She sat down and stretched out her legs, putting her feet on the edge of the tub. "Then the game starts now. Wash yourself. And do it slowly for my pleasure. I want to watch you touch yourself all over, slave."

Gabrielle bent down to grab a washcloth. While lathering her shoulders, chest and arms, she noticed the warrior’s legs drift apart. Xena's feet returned to the floor. One hand slid down to the center of the robe. With a half smile Gabrielle purred, "Do you like what you see Princess?"

"Shut up." Xena commanded in a stern voice. "Just do what your told and be silent." As her hand pulled the bottom of the robe over her waist, Xena couldn’t help but think, "Yeah Baby, I like… I like very much." Extending her hand to the bathing bard, Xena commander, "Lick my fingers."

Placing her hands on her knees to keep her balance, Gabrielle bent forward and flicked her tongue at the offered fingers.

When her fingers had reached the degree of wetness she desired, Xena retracted her hand and massaged her womanhood. Extending her hand a second time, She commanded, "Again." Gabrielle repeated the process. The third time the hand was offered, Gabrielle could taste the sticky fluids from her lover’s body. Gabrielle greedily sucked the fingers into her mouth.

After watching Gabrielle wash her body in a most sensual way, Xena barked, "Rinse yourself off and get dry. Now!"

Gabrielle toweled herself dry, and stood next to the tub. She licked her lips involuntary, as she watched Xena shed the silk clothing and turn her chair to the side. Xena seems lost in her own self-administration, as she spread her legs wider. "Stand next to me and put one foot up on the tub." Gabrielle complied. In her present position, she gave Xena an excellent view of her golden pubic hair inches from the warrior's face.

Xena withdrew the gooey finger from her own treasure box and inserted it into Gabrielle's opening. Using her other hand, the warrior continued her self-massage. Gabrielle gasped as a long finger began to stroke up and down inside her. She reached one hand down to the rim of the tub to help support her trembling legs. Gabrielle moved her body to match the rhythm of the appendage inside her.

"Do you like that, Little Bard?" Xena asked pleasantly. Gabrielle moaned an unintelligible response. "I'll take that as a yes. My, the Queen is getting very moist. Would you like two fingers?"

"Oooo, yes two." Gabrielle gasped.

Xena inserted two fingers and began to stroke harder and faster. Gabrielle's eyes closed and she began to murmur, "Yeah Baby. Do it like that. Just a little faster. Mmmm, use three now…"

"Sorry, but I just thought of something else." Xena said politely. "I need you to relax right now." Xena said, as she smeared her juices with her sticky finger on Gabrielle's anus. "Are you relaxed?" Xena asked is if she were having polite conversation with a friend.

"Do it." Gabrielle hissed. "I want it now."

"There you go with that bossy nature of yours again, Gabrielle." Xena said with a pout.

With clenched teeth Gabrielle replied, "I'm sorry. Please do it." She had to grab her knee with her free hand to stop her shaking leg. Xena leaned over to tongue Gabrielle's damp hole. While Gabrielle's attention was fixed on a frontal attack, Xena pressed her advantage at the rear. Xena's rear assault was a mixture of probes, quick thrusts and slow retreats. While the frontal assault was comprised of tongue-lashings and sucking maneuvers.

As might be expected, Gabrielle soon surrendered to the two pruned attacks and cried for mercy. The rear assault was ended when Gabrielle was no longer able to control her spastic limbs. Losing her footing on the rim of the tub, the bard's leg slipped into the water. Now disengaged from the rear attack, the warrior was able to support and hold her lover while Gabrielle cried out from the pleasure of the frontal attack that had so easily overcome her body.

Having climaxed, the smaller woman fell to her knees and wrapped her arms around the waists of the sitting warrior that had vanquished her. Xena held her lover while the bard felt all the tension drain from her body. Gently stroking golden hair, Xena put aside the demands for satisfaction from her own body and whispered reassurances to her mate.

"Wow, that was great." Gabrielle said after a few moments.

"That's why I'm here." Xena said cheerfully.

In her kneeling position, Gabrielle rested her head on her partner's lap. She absentmindedly traced small circles with her finger on her lover's thigh. "You know I'm sorry about throwing the bowls at you today don't you?"

"Well you should be. I could have been severely injured. I never learned how to defend myself from pottery attacks. I was really scared too." Xena teased.

"You think that was scary? What about this?" Gabrielle grabbed Xena's long legs and pulled the sitting woman to the floor. Once Xena was flat on the floor, the bard climbed on top of her and pinned the warrior's arms down. "I got you now!" Gabrielle said with a twinkle in her eye.

Suppressing a laugh, Xena said, "Oh no. What are you going to do to me now that I am helpless and can't defend myself?"

Gabrielle gave her best wicket laugh. "Ha-ha. I'll tell you this much. Do what I tell you and I may go easier on you."

"Okay, what do you want me to do, oh mighty Amazon Queen?" Xena said, trying to sound like Ms. Innocent.

"Go lay on the bed. Right now!" Gabrielle barked.

Xena picked herself of the floor, holding Gabrielle in her arms; she stood by the bed.

"Ah… Xena?" Gabrielle said as Xena held her with one arm wrapped Gabrielle's waist, pressing her against her chest. Gabrielle's feet dangled a foot from the floor.

"Yes my love?" Xena asked as she batted her eyes at her mate.

"When someone overpowers you, you can't pick him or her up. It's considered rude. Put me down and get on the bed, please."

After lowering her wife gently to the floor, Xena climbed into the bed and stretched out. "What now, my captor? Xena asked

"Lift your legs up and grab your ankles." As Xena followed her orders, Gabrielle climbed onto the foot of the bed. "Well, well, it seems I must do a cavity inspection to see if you’re hiding any contraband. " Xena spread her legs wider to grant the inspector more room. While inserting two fingers into the warrior’s womanhood, the bard said, "It feels a little sticky down there. This requires a closer inspection."

"I want to cooperate anyway I can with the authorities." Xena purred.

Moving her fingers back and forth inside her suspect, Gabrielle moved her other hand to her own pleasure box and let her fingers play within. The bard, with practiced skill pleasured herself and her partner equally. As little moans began to escape for the warrior, Gabrielle stopped her self-administration and dedicated her efforts to her partner's enjoyment. "Do you like that?" Gabrielle asked already knowing the answer.

Xena's hips began to buck. In a husky voice Xena said, "Yeah, I like it."

"Gosh, that doesn't sound very encouraging. Maybe I should stop until you can convince me that I'm not wasting my time." Gabrielle teased.

Xena did not see the humor in her lover's comment. "DON'T YOU DARE STOP!"

Gabrielle increased the rhythm of her strokes. However, she was not finished with the playful, mental torture of her mate. "Your almost there aren’t you?"

As Xena bucked her hips with each thrust of her lover's fingers she clutched at the sheets on the bed. She gritted her teeth in an effort to keep back a cry that would surly be the topic of conversation the next day in the village. "Oh, by the gods Gabrielle. Finish me…please!"

"That's more like it." Gabrielle said, as she slammed harder into her lover, pushing her over the edge.

Xena felt shockwave after shockwave wash over her. "YES…YES. OH, BABY… YES!" she cried out. Gabrielle slowed her hand motions when she knew the warrior could stand no more. She eased herself to a sitting position and gathered Xena in her arms. With a slow, gentle rocking she comforted her lover and whispered the words that only one lover can say to another after such an intimate experience.

Gabrielle looked into her wife’s eyes and waited for the part of Xena to surface that only she, and she alone would ever see, the fragile, vulnerable Xena. As Gabrielle moved raven black hair from her lover’s face, Xena’s tears began to flow and deep sobs broke out. Gabrielle held Xena as the warrior cried. She knew that the emotion trapped inside had to be released.

"Hold me tighter Gabrielle, please." Xena whimpered.

Gabrielle pulled her mate closer and bending lower, kissed the tearful eyes and cheeks of her soulmate.

"I love you so much Gabrielle. Your…Your my life. Your everything to me." Xena whispered.

"I know Baby…I know."

Time passed. Soon Xena regained her composer. Sitting up she kissed Gabrielle deeply. "By the Gods Gabrielle, what did I ever do in my life to deserve you?"

After returning the kiss, Gabrielle replied, "Well, you were pretty evil for a long time."

Xena hugged Gabrielle warmly and then climbed out of bed. She began to dress in her leathers. While pulling on her boots, the naked Gabrielle kneeled on the bed. Placing her hands on her hips, she did her best to sound angry. "Typical warlord mentality. You use me for sex and then your ready to leave as soon as you got what you wanted."

Xena knew this game and played along. "Don’t flatter yourself. The sex was almost average, nothing more. Besides, I have better thing to do then lay in bed and toy with you."

Gabrielle suggestively ran her hands from her hips to her belly and then to her breast. "What could be better then this? I’m so hot, even I can’t stand it."

Grabbing her saddlebags, Xena started for the door. "I thought I would go for a ride. Are you still interested?"

Gabrielle sprang from the bed and began pulling mismatched clothing on. "Wait for me."


They had ridden an hour away from the village before they stopped and made a small campfire under the stars. The two women sat side by side on a log, a large fallen tree actually, facing the fire. Argo wondered off into the trees, but stayed within calling distance. The two had been passing a wineskin back and forth, but said little. Gabrielle kept stealing glances at the saddle on the ground from time to time but did not bring the subject of the saddle up.

"Like the wine Gabrielle?" Xena asked.

"Sure. What's not to like? I mean, it's good wine… very good wine indeed." Gabrielle said in a nervous voice.

"You don't have to do it you know. I mean... it doesn't matter." Xena said as she placed an arm around Gabrielle's shoulder, in an attempt to comfort the bard. "You've never had anything inside you bigger then three of my fingers."

Gabrielle looked at the saddlehorn. Somehow she had never noticed how long and thick it was before. "I want to. It's all I've been thinking about today. It's really big and wide and long…"

"Have some more wine, it will help relax your body." Xena said as she passed the wineskin back to the partner.

"No if I have any more wine I'll get too drunk and pass out. Tell me how this is going to work again."

Xena smiled as she went over the checklist again for the forth time in the last twenty minutes. "Okay, first we get you a little drunk to relax your body…"

"I'm there. I mean I'm a little drunk. What's the next part again?" Gabrielle said with just a little slur.

"Then you take off all your clothes."

Gabrielle stood up and began pulling her mismatched costume from her body. "All right, what's next?" She said with a smile.

Xena stood up and walked over to the saddle and picked it up. She brought it over and strapped it tightly to the log. "Well then I start coating the horn with the cooking grease and some oil to make it nice and slick." Do you want to take a practice ride on the log before you try it with Argo? To make sure everything … ah… fits?" Xena said as she reached for her saddlebag.

Gabrielle, standing naked, with her hands on her hips, nodded her approval.

Xena removed the cloth cover from the jar and dipped two fingers into the goo. As she spread the grease over the saddlehorn, she gave Gabrielle a wicket smile and said, " Your next."

"You sure you have really done this before. You didn't just make it up, did you?" Gabrielle asked.

Xena didn't look up at Gabrielle as she coated the saddlehorn with grease and oil. "Yes Gabrielle. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I have been doing it for years."

"Even when you were traveling with me?" Gabrielle asked in disbelief.

"Well no, I had to stop when we started traveling together. I didn't think watching me do it would make a very good impression on you."

"I want to see you do it right now."

Xena hadn't thought of this before. "I can't, I would be too embarrassed."

"Embarrassed? Come on. You’re the expert, show me how."

Xena reached for the wineskin and took a drink. "Fine. If it makes you happy, I'll do it." Standing up, she stripped off her leathers. Now standing naked she said, "Gabrielle, look what I can do." Cupping a breast, she flicked her tongue across her erect nipple.

Gabrielle signed and said, "That's nice. Quit stalling."

Xena dropped her hand from her breast and mumbled, "I have many skills."

After finishing with the saddlehorn, Xena inserted gobs of the gooey concoction between her legs. Gabrielle watched with amazement and chuckled as some of the oil ran down the warrior’s legs. "Oh, that’s such a pretty look on you Xena." Xena shot her an annoyed look and finished her preparation. She straddled the fallen tree hovering over the saddle.

With a laugh, Gabrielle said, "Time to mount up, girlfriend."

Xena had been avoiding eye contact whit the bard. She now turned to her and saw that wicket grin on Gabrielle’s face. "Do you have to stare at me and make those little comments?"


Xena resigned herself to the fact that Gabrielle was enjoying herself at her expense. Fine. Watch and learn." Xena bent down and pulled a small wooden dowel from the base of the saddlehorn. With one hand, she moved the saddlehorn from a forty-degree angle to a ninety-degree angle. After reinserting the wooden peg she gave the saddlehorn a little wiggle to make sure it would stay in place.

"Hey, that’s neat." Gabrielle chirped.

"I have many…"

"Yeah, yeah, quit stalling Xena and do it."

Xena took a deep breath and released it. After positioning her hands firmly on the log a few inches forward of the saddle, she planted her feet on the ground, making sure she had a good foothold. It wouldn’t do to slip while performing the coming maneuver. Once she felt comfortable with everything, she pulled one hand back to spread her vaginal lips. With great caution, she moved her slick opening onto the head of the equally slippery saddlehorn. The warrior took in the hard object about three inches, than began a slow up and down motion. Moving her hand back to the log for support she looked over at Gabrielle.

The naked blonde was squatting down and mimicking Xena’s motions with one hand between her own legs. "Stop that Gabrielle." With and evil smile she said, "Your up next."

Gabrielle stopped pleasuring herself and returned Xena’s smile in kind. "Looks to me like you still have about six more inches to cover."

" Gabrielle, if you only knew. If I could take what Marcus had, this little saddlehorn is no problem." Xena thought to herself. "Okay Sweet Pea. You want a show, here it is." Xena increased the speed of her movement. With each downward thrust, she engulfed more of the leather shaft between her legs. As her strong legs pumped, Xena tilted her head back and began a series of husky moans. Within minutes, Xena had taken in the entire shaft. Her movement changed to a rocking motion and her arms and legs trembled as she neared her climax.

Gabrielle watched with open mouth. True, she had seen Xena in the throws of passion before, but never as a non-participant. Gabrielle was getting wet just watching her lover. With one final shout, Xena reached her orgasm. Seconds passed before Gabrielle moved to place an arm around Xena's shoulder. In a gentle voice she asked, "Xena, are you alright?"

Xena lifted her chin from her chest and said, "I'm stuck."

Gabrielle panicked. "Oh gods, what do I do? How can I help?" She began to passe and wave her hands. "I'm sorry. This was a stupid idea."

Xena looked at her and watched Gabrielle's display of concern. "Gabrielle stop. Stuck is the wrong word. I meant to say that my legs are a little weak and I just need some help…ah, dismounting." Xena reached out and touched the bard's face. "Just get behind me and put your arms around my waist and pull me up. Gabrielle did as instructed. Bending her powerful leg and then straightening up, she freed Xena from the impaling saddlehorn.

Xena allowed Gabrielle to help her to a sitting position on the ground next to the log. Gabrielle handed her the wineskin as if the warrior had need of refreshment after a long battle. "Wow, that was good!" After taking a pull on the wineskin, Xena looked at her mate. "You should have seen the look on your face when I said I was stuck." Leaning back on the tree, she said "Come here, you." Gabrielle sat down beside her and snuggled into her lover's arms.

Smiling up at her soulmate, Gabrielle said, "I'm sure I must have looked pretty funny. But, not as funny as if I had been stuck with a saddle between my legs."

Xena bent over and kissed the top of the blonde's head. "Admit it. You were worried that I was injured."

Gabrielle took several small sips of wine and said, as she lightly patted black pubic hair, "Of course I was concerned. After all, this is my property you know."

"Yes it is Gabrielle and it is also your turn to mount up" Xena reached for the jar of cooking grease and waved it in her wife's face. "Would my lady like some help greasing herself?" She teased.

Gabrielle recognized a challenge when she saw one. She had crossed her drinking limit several sips ago. Not only was she up for mounting the saddle but also she was able to return Xena's teasing. "Yes Xena, you may perform that service for me." As she spread her legs wide she said, "What is it you are always saying Xena?"

"I have many skills?" Xena offered as she began to apply the gooey mixture between Gabrielle's legs.

"No, I think its Do me Baby. Do me good." Gabrielle teased. Gabrielle crinkled her noise. "That stuff feels kind of yucky inside there."

As Xena applied more of the substance to the saddlehorn, she said, "You'll be glad it's there when you have that big thing up inside you, Baby. All set Gabrielle, mount up." Xena said with an amoral smile.

Gabrielle wobbled up and straddled the log. Hovering over the saddle she positioned her arms and legs the way she had seen in Xena's preparation. "All right, here goes."

Xena's mouth almost dropped to the ground. Gabrielle had taken the entire saddlehorn in with one swift motion. "Call Agro, I'm ready for the real deal." Gabrielle said as she stood up. "I think it fits okay."

Several minutes later Xena had the saddle secured tightly on Argo. When Xena finished she said, "I got'a ask. How did you do it?"

Gabrielle slurred, " Its simple. You were nervous about doing it in front of me. So your body was not relaxed. While I, on the other hand, have no qualms about doing anything while you watch me. Hey, want me to eat you before we ride?"

Xena rolled her eyes. Apparently, the wine had played a role in her mate's demeanor. "Ah, no thanks. I don't think cooking grease and oil go well with wine."

Gabrielle dropped to her knees. " I don't mind if you don't." She flicked her tongue suggestively as Xena walked past her and climbed on Argo.

"Maybe later Gabrielle. Are we riding or not?"

Gabrielle struggled to her feet. "We ride!" Standing next to Argo, Gabrielle looked up at Xena. "Do I face you or face away from you?"

"I guess it would be easier if you rode facing the front." Xena said. Gabrielle gave her a blank look. "I mean face away from me."

"Then I’ll ride facing you, it's more of a challenge." The bard said as she extended her hand to the warrior.

Xena shrugged her shoulders. "It’s your ride, I’ll just adjust the angle of the saddlehorn." When she was satisfied with the preparation of the saddle she reached down and pulled Gabrielle up behind her.

"Excuse me Xena, but isn’t the whole point to be up front?

"As Xena patted Argo she said, "Yes, but there are ground rules we have to go over first."

Gabrielle rolled her eyes at the delay. "Rules? I’m sick of rules. I spend all day dealing with rules and laws and stuff. I want to get on with this." Gabrielle had to grab Xena’s waist when Argo took a nervous step.

"See? That’s just what I’m talking about."

"Okay, I’ll follow the rules. What are they?" The bard said as loosened the grip in Xena’s waist.

After speaking softly to Argo, to put the mare at ease, she said, "Slowly climb over me. Next, face me with your arms around my neck and your feet a little above my knees. I want you to hover. Do not, I repeat, do not lower yourself down on the saddlehorn. I’ll lower you onto it when you’re in position. Got it?"

"Hover. Got it." It took Gabrielle several attempts but finally, she obtained the desired placement."

Xena held her lover tightly in her arms and pressed her to her chest. "I’m going to lower you slowly. If you need me to stop or bring you back up, tell me. Green eyes looked into blue as Xena lowered Gabrielle slowly. When Gabrielle was lowered all the way down, Xena asked, "How does that feel?"

Gabrielle blinked considering the question for a moment. "Actually, it feels rather pleasant. But you made it sound like it was one orgasm after another."

"We haven’t moved yet, Gabrielle."

"Oh. Well, let’s get this show on the road."

"Argo, slow walk." Xena commanded. Argo moved slowly and with great gentleness as if she was aware of the delicate position Gabrielle was in. Despite Argo best efforts, there was still some slight bumping that sent Gabrielle up and down a fraction of an inch. Xena watched Gabrielle closely for any signs of discomfort or distress. Gabrielle leaned into Xena slightly, offering her lips. After a slow kiss, Xena asked, ""How is it?"

"It was a wonderful kiss." Gabrielle replied.

"No, I mean the other thing. You know… down there."

"Well, now that you bring it up, I think we could have a little more bumping and grinding." Gabrielle said as she looped her arms around Xena’s neck.

Xena gave Argo the command to walk faster. Gabrielle’s eyes grew larger for a few moments as she found a new rhythm sending her body slightly higher and down harder. Closing her eyes she lowered her head and exclaimed. "Oh-yeah. That’s it. Keep it like that until I tell you different."

There was the bossy tone again. But having been in the same position, Xena fully understood the pleasure Gabrielle was experiencing. Xena had to smile when Gabrielle began muttering to herself. Seconds later, Gabrielle said through clenched teeth, "More. Now."

The walk was increased to a trot and Xena held tightly to the bard’s back, as the blonde was sent up and slammed back down on the saddlehorn over and over again. Gabrielle screamed words that Xena had never heard her say before. . Xena was growing concerned that Gabrielle would be injured mentally if not physically, when Gabrielle shouted, "STOP!"

Argo stopped without instructions from Xena. The warrior lifted the bard off of the saddle and lowered her to the ground. "Are you alright Gabrielle?" Xena asked while trying not to let her concern show.

Leaning on Xena for support, Gabrielle looked up at her, "Yeah, I'm okay. I just need to sit down for a while." Xena helped her to the ground and sat down beside her. Xena waited for Gabrielle to speak. She didn't have to wait long.

Gabrielle slapped her knee. "That was great! I wouldn't want to do it every day, but it was so… so different. Is that what its like being with a man?"

"No, not really." Xena put her arm around Gabrielle's waist. "Your not thinking of going bisexual on me are you?"

Gabrielle laughed. "Me, no way, I could get drummed out of the Amazons for even thinking such a thing. I'm a woman's woman all the way. I'm your woman, in case you forgot."

"No, I didn't forget. I thank whatever Gods will listen everyday for you."

Gabrielle leaned into her wife for a tender kiss. "Thanks Xena. I hate to say it, but I have an early morning tomorrow. We better get dressed and head back." After dressing, Xena looked slightly annoyed. Gabrielle's obligations to the Amazons were getting to be a touchy subject. Gabrielle was aware of her mate's growing resentment toward her duties as queen. I know you aren't too happy about the time I've spending away from you, but I'll make it up."

Xena spoke with a little more steel in her voice then she really meant. "What's so dam important that you have to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow?"

"I'm not going to tell you if you insist on using that tone of voice with me. Say you're sorry, because you're going to feel real dumb when I tell you why."

As Xena pulled Gabrielle up behind her onto Argo, she said, "I didn't mean to snap at you. I'm sorry. What is so important?"

"I'm going on vacation with you until winter. That is, if you're interested."

Xena stopped Argo so quickly that Gabrielle almost fell off. Yes, I'm interested. But how can you get way? You work all day and half of the night."

"Ah-ha, all part of my plan. Why do you think I was working so hard? I was doing it for us, so that we could get away."

Xena didn't need to turn around, she knew Gabrielle would have a smug look on her face. That was all right, she had earned it. "Gabrielle you're something else. What would I ever do without you?"

Gabrielle laughed and squeezed Xena's hips. "I guess you would be spending more time on the saddle."


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