By Karen
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: X-Men is a part of the Marvel Universe and is owned by those chaps. God bless you Stan Lee. This is from the movie version of the X-Men although I do make reference to a cartoon character. Dedicated to Melissa.
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Name's Logan. So they I say, it's all I can actually remember. Be pretty funny if it turned out to be a brand of cigarette I liked way back when I remembered what I like. Imagine me rolling my eyes. I don't care about the past or the future. I got enough crap floating around right here in the present.

I'm a mutant: Genetic mutation as in freak. I got the healing abilities of an earthworm times ten, instantaneous. My senses are more animal than human, my baser instincts are more apparent then my whatever it is you call the regular instincts. Oh, and somewhere along the line I acquired a metal skeleton. Somebody jacked me open and coated my insides with adamantium and I got claws jumping out of my skin that can cut through anything and hurt every single time they rip free. Thanks, mutie Santa.

I'm sacked out at Xavier's School for the Gifted. It's the place to be if you're a freak. Been here for a few years now on and off. What can I say? I like the chips.

Anyway I'm lying in my bed one night, thinking about how much I'd love to run my claws through a certain cocky one-eyed mutie and there's a knock at my door. Yeah, I thought it was trouble. Or maybe it was a pizza. I don't know but I tensed before catching a faint scent behind the door. "Come in."

Musta sounded gruff cause the door opened a crack first. The woman glanced at me from underneath her brown hair and two shock-white locks, then guessed it was okay and walked into my room. "Hiya Wolvie."

Did I mention they call me Wolverine? Something about being short vicious and bad-tempered. "Hey Rogue." The lady's a mutant to, she can literally suck the life out of you. One time a few years back I raked her with one of my claws, accidentally, and she sucked the healing factor right out of me. Felt like I was drowning in oxygen. It was worth it to save the kid's life. We'd met in Canada at a bar fight. Long story. I saved her butt once. She saved mine once. Kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Right.

She pressed the door closed behind her. I raised an eyebrow when she turned the lock but I kept my seat on the edge of the bed. That's when I noticed her hands on the wood. Her gloves were missing. "Come to kill me, kid?" I asked, only half kidding. Without those gloves she could rip the life right out of me and drop me into a permanent coma.

"Sugar." Her lips curved up in a sexy little smile. My Southern runaway was a stunning woman now. Too bad no one could touch her. It was as bad as me, only physical touches were her no-no. Mine were emotional. I'm more attached to a good smoke then people I've known for years. Except the strays. Every once in a while I take in someone, do a good deed and those people stay with me. Friends maybe. Rogue was one of my favorites because she was the first.

She stared at me with backlit brown eyes and I saw her shiver. "It's late," I told her.

"I know. I knew you'd still be up. I don't have much time." She walked across the room with her long legs exposed. I remember being shocked. I'd never seen so much of the kid's skin before. It was a sight to see! Long perfectly muscled legs under skin pale from lack of sunlight dragged my eyes straight up to the space between just barely covered by thin fabric of an incredibly touchable nightie.

"What are you doing, girl?" I heard my breath catch in my throat. Not the reaction I should be having. She was definitely going to kill me in that body with those hands and not being able to touch...I shook myself. Rogue wasn't this sexy kitten thing. She had always exuded a scent I found appealing but so did Jean Grey.

"I'm doing something I should have done years ago. Like any other, red-hot-blooded Southern girl..." She touched the edge of the bed. I spread my legs to avoid touching her pale hand. She laughed. Jumping forward, her hand touched my cheek.

The sound that escaped me was unintelligible. It was almost fear. The skin was warm and cool. No drowning. No life/energy drain. It was just Rogue's hand on my face. It was impossible. "What the hell?!" Yeah like that could describe how I was feeling. It was like reality faded out for a second and I saw the tragedy in Rogue's eyes blink out with it.

"There's this little guy, they call him Leech... He owed me a little favor." She was pushing me back onto the bed. I guess I was so surprised I wasn't writhing in pain that I let her. And what man refuses a lady? "So I let him drain off enough of my energy so I could do something..."

"Something?" This was getting interesting. She gave me a brilliant smile and those shock locks touched my face as she leaned over me.

"What do you think I want?" Her eyes were twinkling and my heart rate jumped another few points. Her scent was telling me what she was thinking in spades. Then her lips were on me. Starting out as innocent as she had to be, the kiss was nice and chaste so I bumped it up a notch. Pushing her mouth open with my tongue I taught Rogue how much fun her chaste little kiss could be. I felt her pulse jump as I wrapped my hands around her athletic frame.

The nightgown was showing off a wonderful view and her hands were actively tearing at my buttons. Like I said, things were getting interesting. Then I started to feel a tingle that wasn't that good-old-time feeling of making out. She musta felt it to because she practically leapt off of me.

Her smile was still there. The sadness faded back in along with reality and we just stared at one another. I gave her a grin. "Get out before I end up in a coma."

A smile caught fire behind her eyes. "Would it be worth it, sugar?"

I stared at her for a few seconds and I know she can see how much of me is animal. But I'll be damned if I'm going to let this little girl get to me with her gorgeous body which I can see through the back lighting. My throat went dry but I managed a gruff, "Maybe."

Her smile was brilliant. Then she slipped out of the room. Hell, maybe it was a dream. My mind is shaky on details sometimes like who I really am, where I've come from where I've been. Hell, the only thing I know for sure is my name's Logan.

And I either got me one hell of an imagination or...I kissed Rogue and lived.



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