Hold On

Author: Andariel
Email: andariell@yahoo.com
Rating: R (for Logan's rather colorful use of language)
Archive: Along with "Wake Up" for continuity. Please email me your site address so I can find you - I'm a fanfic junkie! *L*
Classification: Rogue/Logan angst.
Series: Newly christened! Since I'm thinking there will be more after "Hold On", I'm dubbing this as "The Soul Cages" series. And yes, I'm blatantly stealing the name from Sting's 1991 CD (which totally rocks in a dark, moody way). This is a sequel to "Wake Up"
Spoilers: Yes. Specific mentions of movie details, even in the remaining header. Stop here if you don't want movie spoilage.
Setting: Three months after the battle at the Statue. A same epilogue to the fight as in "Wake Up"
Synopsis: Logan struggles to make things right for Rogue.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the denizens of the "X-Men" universe, though a girl can dream, right? *L* I'm borrowing them from Marvel, Fox, et.al. for a short time. I promise to put them back when I'm done.
Feedback: Yes, please!
Notes: I'm new to the world of Logan/Rogue worship, so I haven't had a chance to read even a tenth of the fic previously published. Forgive me if I'm treading someone else's turf. If anyone else has gone this route, I'm sure they did it better. Please, bear with the newbie :)
On a reading note, I once again set off thoughts with the following symbols */ for start, /* for finish. Also, I didn't have anyone to beta read this, so I pray there aren't too many glaring typos. Any volunteers to beta future submissions (yes, it's already in the works), please email me (andariell@yahoo.com). Thanks!
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