The Meeting

by the6mes
Disclaimer: Vampire High and it's associated characters and themes do not belong to me.
A/N: I would recommend that you read "Wishing and Hoping" before reading this fic because they coincide with each other, and you'll be able to understand why things are happening.

Drew was in his coffin sleeping soundly when he heard a loud banging. He opened his coffin and saw Merrill lying on the floor.

Drew: Essie, Karl wake up, it's Merrill!

Drew jumped out of his coffin and ran over to Merrill.

Drew: Merrill what's wrong?

Merrill: You did this to me Drew!

Drew: No, what did I do?

Merrill: You broke my heart Drew! It's your entire fault!

Merrill pulled out a stake and killed Drew.

Drew woke up and banged his head on the coffin, he had been dreaming. But it had felt so real to him.

He opened his coffin and got out. Merrill was the only one up; she was sitting in a chair reading a book.

She looked up at Drew.

Merrill: I bet that must of hurt!

Drew: Yes it did!

Merrill: GOOD!

Merrill got up and walked away.

Drew talking to himself:

"I guess I deserved that!"

Drew went over to the chair were Merrill had been sitting. At least she was talking to him, even if it was cruelly. He picked up the book she had been reading it was a love story. He put the book down and went up the secret passage and into the main hall. None of the other students would be up so he was safe to go to the library.

When he got there the lights were off, so he turned them on and went to the history section. He pulled out a book on the nineteen hundreds. He smelled it. He smelled like Sherry. She had taken the book out for two nights and this was the closes he could ever get to her with out actually smelling her.

Drew stood there consumed in the smell of the book, he didn't notice that Merrill had walked in and was standing looking at him.

Merrill: You know you have MAJOR problems when?

Drew snapped out of his trance and looked at Merrill.

Drew: I didn't hear you come in.

He put the book back in the case.

Merrill: That's because you were to busying smelling that BOOK!

Drew: I didn't smell it. (He lied)

Merrill: Um sure that's was it was held up to your noise and you were sniffing it!

Drew: I don't have to explain anything to you.

Drew pushed past her.

Merrill: She really means that much to you? Enough to smell a book!

Drew: Yea, she does!

Merrill: That's sad! But I'll help you!

Drew: What? You will?

Merrill knodded. She walked by him, and left the library. Drew smiled he didn't know how Merrill was going to help him but he was sure she would think of something.

He turned out the library lights and went back down stairs.

By the time he got back, Essie and Karl were up and Marty was sitting in the chair that Merrill had been earlier reading her book.

Merrill hadn't noticed that Marty was reading her book yet.

Marty: I LOVE YOU SUSAN! What the hell kind of crap is this?

Merrill finally realized that he was reading it and ran over to grab it from him.

Marty: Givem, Givem never gets! Don't you know your manners yet?

Merrill: Don't be gay give me the freakin book!

Marty: So you can go on reading this love CRAP?

Merrill: It isn't crap!

Marty: Just because your not good enough for Drew, or that he doesn't want you, doesn't mean you have to lose yourself in this stupid love stories!

That was it Merrill had been pushed to far by Marty. She vamped out grabbed him by the neck and threw him across the room, against the opposite wall.


She turned around and made her way past Drew back up the stairs and out the secret passageway.

Karl: Holy shit, did you see the distance on that?

Essie: I've never seen Merrill act like that before.

Marty: Wow! That was one hell of a throw!

Drew: Too bad she didn't put you right though the wall!

Drew turned away and went after Merrill.

Marty: What's up his ass?

Karl: Just screw off Marty!

Essie: You already cause enough trouble for today!

Marty: Oh my God! Like NO way! (Making fun of Essie)

Marty walked away from Essie and Karl and went to his coffin got in and said.

Marty: You are really bad party poopers.

Marty slammed the lid to his coffin.

Essie: What a jerk!

Karl: Don't let him bug you.

Essie: Easier sad then done! I hope Merrill is okay! That's not like her to vamp out; usually she is the one telling us to stay clam!

Karl: Yea, I know! But she has been though a lot the last couple of days!

Essie: She got her heart broken! That's the worst thing of all!

Karl: Poor Girl!

Merrill and Drew were back in the library. Drew was trying to clam Merrill down, so she didn't hurt anyone else.

Drew: Merrill you got to clam down!

Merrill: Don't tell ME WHAT TO DO!


Merrill started to calm down her eyes started to go back to the normal colour. She sat down at a table.

Drew sat down before her and put his hand on her shoulder.

Drew: Are you okay?

Merrill: I'm fine. I don't know what came over me. I just couldn't take anymore.

Drew: It's good that you let it out, and really good that Marty felt it. Maybe he'll think twice before mouthing off to you!

Merrill: I hope so...

Drew smiled at Merrill. He really felt that she was starting to get over what happened.

As they were smiling at each other someone came in and banged into a bookcase.

Person: Ouch...

Merrill and Drew hide behind a bookcase and Drew used his powers to see who it was.

Drew: It's her.

Merrill: Who? Oh wait... Sherry?

Drew: Yes. (His eyes lit up)

Merrill: This is the time! Go meet her!

Drew looked at Merrill. In the course of everything he had put her through all she wanted was make him happy!

Drew: How?

Merrill looked at Drew and smiled.

Drew: I don't like how you're smiling!

Merrill pushed Drew out past the cover of the bookcase and right into a chair, which he tripped over and was laying on the ground.

Sherry came running over and was looking over top of him.

Sherry: Are you okay?

Drew: (Looking up at her) I'm fine now!

Sherry helped Drew up.

Sherry: I'm Sherry.

Drew: I'm Drew.

Sherry: I haven't seen you around here are you new?

Drew: You could say that.

They sat down.

Merrill smiled at Drew (Though he didn't see). She had helped him find his one. She turned around and was gone in a flash.

Drew and Sherry talked for hours. When it came close to dawn Drew began to leave.

Drew: I have to go.

Sherry: Wait. When can I see you again?

Drew: Tomorrow same time?

Sherry: That's great!

Drew: I can't wait.

Drew started to walk away.

Sherry: Drew!

Drew turned around.

Drew: Yea?

Sherry: Don't get freaked out or anything, but I fell like I know you, like I've met you before!

Drew smiled!

Drew: Maybe in you dreams?

Drew turned and walked away.

Sherry sat down for a couple minutes and contemplated what Drew had said.

She got her bag and walked out of the library.

(That's all for now! Tell me what you think! I'll be writing the second chapter very soon!)

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