It's No Secret Anymore

Author(s): Arla and Becky
Rating: NC-17
Classification: N/K Romance; PWP
Archive: NKAdult, my site only. Everyone else please ask first.
Disclaimer: seaQuest and all its characters belong to Amblin. I am only playing in the sandbox for awhile and I will return all including pails and shovels when I am done.
Summary: Nathan and Kristin get caught in the act.
Notes: This was written during one AIM chat.."for old time’s sake" as Becky said since she has moved onto other things. Hope you enjoy and who knows.. We just might be inspired to write a sequel. Questions and comments for Becky can be sent to me and I will pass them on. :o)

Nathan Bridger stood in the doorway of one of the seaQuest’s main science labs. At the moment it was empty with the exception of the object of his search.

She seemed oblivious to his presence, totally engrossed in her work. He studied the line of her slim body as she leaned over the microscope, the action pulling her blue jumpsuit tight against her and outlining every curve.

He’d already been in a state of high arousal all day… her mere presence exacerbating that arousal and he had the mother of all hard-ons to prove it… God, he couldn’t get enough of her…

Moving silently, he crossed the room to her in quick even strides. She gave a startled shriek as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back against him.

"Hello." he growled, nuzzling the fragrant curve of her neck and shoulder and pressing his erection to the enticing curve of her backside.



"Not in here," she hissed, trying to push his arms away. "I'm in the middle of something..."

"Let me help."

"No -- I know you well enough to know that all you'll do is push the experiment off the table, so we'll have something to lie on. Let me go!"

"And if I say no?"

"If you say no, I'll say there's no way come heaven, hell or bloody earth, I'll be paying a visit to your quarters any time soon."

"I love it when you talk dirty..."

Kristin smiled seductively and turned in his embrace. "Talk dirty, I’ll just show you talking dirty, Captain." She purred as she gave a gentle tug and pulled him down onto the floor , rolling until the man was pinned beneath her.

He merely raised an eyebrow and gave her an amused, not to mention aroused, lazy smile. "I hope you plan on doing something in that position, Kris..." he said huskily as she rocked back.

"Not in this jumpsuit, I'm not!" she protested sharply.

"Well, I can remedy that." he drawled and reached for the zipper. With one smooth motion he had it undone and was peeling the blue fabric from her shoulders. It pooled at her waist as he worked on her white turtleneck

Her fingers fumbled with his uniform, and between hungry kisses, she managed to say, "People are beginning to wonder why I do so much laundry..."

"So what?" Nathan groaned as she released the zipper, finally, and reached inside his boxers to grasp his erection.

"My, you are ready, aren't you?" she purred lazily.

"God, I’ve been ready since the first time I saw you." he growled. "You’re still wearing too many clothes."

With a sensual smile, Kristin gave his erection a gentle squeeze, eliciting a groan from him as she rose long enough to remove the rest of her clothes.

She straddled his hips once again. "Better?"

"God yes..."

"Ah-ah, Nathan, didn't we agree that we'd leave God out of this?" she purred, running her fingertips over her thigh, moaning with the sensation.

He groaned and hissed, "Don't screw with me, Kristin, I'm this close to..."

"You really *are* ready," Kristin supplied with a cat in the creamery grin.

"Yeah, I am..."

"And you didn't leave much for me to work with, did you?" she sighed, rocking back.

"OH!" Nathan gasped.

"What, didn't like that?" she asked, reaching back to cup his balls with one hand. "Let's see if you like this better..."

"Kris.... oh God.." he groaned as she gave them a gentle tug. "You’re killing me, Babe."

"Well we wouldn’t want that, now… Would we?" she purred as she released him, leaning forward, her tongue tangling hungrily with his while her slender fingers closed around him. She brushed the slick head against her clit… once, twice…

Her breath came faster and shallower, ragged as her pleasure came riding up on her hard and fast. She'd never admit it, but she had been waiting for him all day long -- she knew he would come, it was just a matter of when, and if there were people in the room at the time.

People in the room. She got a mental jolt. "Nathan..." she moaned through a searing kiss. "Where's Darwin?"

"Out... fishing or something..."

" Mmm, good and Lucas…?" she asked in a strangled moan.

"Ahh... Playing video games…" he groaned "Kris..."

Knowing instinctively that neither of them would hold out much longer… She rose up, guiding him to her slick entrance. With a low, deep purr she lowered herself until he was buried deep.

Her purr turned into a full-throated moan as she began to rock her hips, and he began to thrust up into her. "Na...than..." she croaked.


"You sure... you don't... want... to be on top?" she gasped. "Less work..."

He gave her a smile and his grip on her waist tightened slightly as he rolled until she was beneath him. She wrapped her legs around him, locking her ankles together, bracing herself as he began to thrust. "Better?" he questioned with a low moan.

"Mmm, much…" Kristin moaned, arching her hips to meet his thrusts, as they grew more frantic and determined.

"Lucas, I'm really not in the mood for this right now," Levin said to the pesky teenager as they made their way down to the science lab.

"Well, excuuuuuuse me for missing my play date," Lucas sniped as they turned the corner.

"It's one of your "school" credits," Levin snapped. "You don't have it, you get thrown off the boat."

"Dr. Westphalen said I didn't have to do it."

"Dr. Westphalen isn't here, is she?" Joshua asked as they headed into the science lab.

As they drew near, Joshua’s ears registered the very distinct sound of impassioned moans, which grew in intensity as they got closer. His eyes grew wide as he realised what was happening and his arm shot out to stop Lucas "Uhmm., Maybe we should do this later." he hedged.

"Why?" Lucas questioned with a curious frown.

"Because..." Levin began then… "Oh God.... Nathan…"

Lucas blushed to the roots of his hair as he recognized that passion filled voice.

"I'm outta here," he groaned, turning green and bolting back into the corridor. Levin followed, and shut the hatch behind him.

"Okay, we'll work on the thing in the morning," Levine sighed, leading the young man down the hall. "You wanna get some freeze-dried ice cream or something?"

"My mind needs a power wash!" Lucas groaned, shaking his head. "It's like walking in on your parents having sex."

Oblivious to what had transpired in the hall, both Kristin and Nathan were lost in a haze of ecstasy "Ah… ohgod...." she gasped as she felt herself approaching orgasm. She clutched him tighter, her fingernails scraping his back as she rode out the ebbing waves of pleasure.

Nathan grunted and stilled for a moment as he came, and Kristin arched, trying to pull him deeper as she slammed into her release.

There was a long minute where there was no sound in the room other than pounding heartbeats and two distinct pantings of breath.

"We've got to quit meeting like this," Kristin groaned from beneath Nathan. "We're going to get caught..."

Nathan chuckled and pressed a tender kiss to her lips. "Admit it… the whole fact that we might get caught makes it all the more titillating."

"True, but next time let’s try somewhere else on the boat. It seems every time you get horny we end up making love in *my* area of work." she smiled up at him. "How about the Ward room next time?"

Nathan chuckled. "You’ve got a date."

"We'd better get dressed."


"Because Nathan, if we don't, someone *will* walk in, and we *will* be caught in a compromising position."

He grinned down at her. "Maybe I want to be caught in a compromising position."

"Too late," came a voice from behind them.

"OH SHIT!" Kristin gasped. "BEN! GET OUT NOW!"

Fin :o)

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