Revenge is Sweet

Author: Arla
Rating: NC-17
Classification: N/K Romance
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Disclaimer: Amblin owns it all. I am merely playing in the seaQuest sandbox and will return all, including pails and shovels, when I am done.
Summary: Kristin tries to think of the perfect revenge to get back at Nathan.
Notes: This story was inspired by a little something I read for J/C and thought, gee that could work for N/K just as well, so here is my version. :O) ** indicates thoughts

Kristin was out for revenge and she'd spent the last few days plotting just how she was going to get back at Nathan.

It had all started three days ago during a particularly boring general staff meeting, one of the last before the new seaQuest set sail. They had been sitting across the table from each other and Nathan appeared to be listening as Jonathan was giving his report, but knowing him as she did, Kristin could tell he was bored.

One minute he had been doodling on his notepad and the next... Well, she had suddenly felt the unmistakable presence of a sock-clad foot resting against her leg.

She looked across the table and saw the mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes. Kristin returned his smile and playfully brushed his foot away. It returned seconds later, only a little higher this time and began a slow sensuous caress up her leg.

God help her but she couldn't stop the delicious shivers of pleasure that ran through her as his toes worked their way up her leg, slowly moving inward to their intended target and she was helpless not to part her thighs allowing him access.

It was even more titillating knowing that Nathan was trying, and succeeding, in arousing her in a roomful of people. Somehow the knowledge that Jonathan and the others were mere feet away made the whole thing even more exciting.

Kristin bit down on the end of her pencil in order to stifle her aroused gasp as Nathan's foot brushed against her wet center and his big toe unerringly found her clitoris.

* God, I'm going to kill him for this,* she thought then.... * later, much much later * as he continued the sweet torture.

Their eyes met and held across the conference table and Kristin could see that he was as aroused by this as she was.

* Two can play this game * She thought with the one part of her brain that wasn't desire soaked. She shifted in her chair, giving Nathan greater access, but also leaning forward in the process. Keeping her eyes locked with his, she opened her mouth and swirled her tongue around the end of her pencil. She flashed him a grin of pure triumph when she saw his eyes darken and his nostrils flare as his arousal climbed higher.

Nathan's foot continued its sweet torture until she was hovering on the edge. She flashed him a look that was both ‘don't you dare' and ‘ohmigod don't stop'. He, of course, obeyed the latter.

The pencil in her mouth silenced her soft cry of release and she shot a glare across the table. He merely flashed her a wicked grin in response.

Minutes later, Nathan called an end to the meeting and Kristin got up, sauntering across the room to where he was still seated. She paused and leaned over the back of his chair until her mouth was in line with his ear. This position also gave her an excellent view of the rather prominent bulge in the front of his uniform trousers.

"I have just one word for you." she started "Revenge" she purred softly letting her warm breath tickle the hair at his temple before her tongue darted out to trace the lines of his ear. She giggled in response to his soft moan then stood up and slipped from the room before he could utter a word.

Now Kristin was a woman with a mission and that mission was revenge. Sweet, sweet revenge. She was still unsure about how to exact this revenge when she found herself standing outside Nathan's office. She knew for a fact he wasn't inside and looked over her shoulder as she reached out and tested the doorknob.

She released a pleased sigh as it swung open. Ducking inside, she closed the door and looked around the small office. It was furnished with only the bare minimum of furniture. A battered sofa against one wall, a filing cabinet in the corner and two chairs sitting in front of the large oak desk. Kristin pondered for a moment when she heard the sound of voices drawing close to the door. She instantly recognized one of those voices... she'd know it anywhere.

There was no way she could get out of the office without being seen.

"Shit, shit... shit!!" Kristin muttered as she searched for a place to hide. Behind the sofa... nope. Then she eyed the desk closely. It was one of those old desks where the front panel reached completely to the floor. If she hid underneath no one would be able to see her.

As the doorknob began to turn Kristin made a dash for the desk and ducked beneath it.

She swore softly as her head connected with the top edge and moved as far back as she could go. Just as she had herself safely ensconced beneath the desk the door opened and she heard Nathan step inside.

"Just have a seat Jonathan." She heard him say and she swore silently. She had forgotten that he and Jonathan were reviewing personnel files one last time before the seaQuest left port on her maiden voyage.

She curled up further as Nathan sat down and slid his chair forward.

Kristin tried not to fall asleep as she listened to the two men. Turning her head in Nathan's direction a smile crossed her face. * Not a bad view * She thought a she looked at the lower half of his body. She sat there for a moment and then a wicked smile crossed her features as she thought of the *perfect* revenge.

* Let's see if you can ‘take it like a man', Nathan * she thought as she shifted her position until she was kneeling in front of him. Very slowly she reached out and rested her hands against his legs. She smiled when she heard him stop speaking.

"Is everything all right Captain?" Jonathan asked curiously.

"Uhm, yes everything is fine." Nathan replied. "Continue please."

Kristin suppressed a giggle. * Was that comment directed at Ford or her? *

She waited until Jonathan had started speaking again before resuming her caress, sliding her hands slowly up his legs and pausing for a moment at his knees. At her gentle application of pressure Nathan parted his legs, giving her greater access and she took full advantage, sliding her hands up the inside of his thighs until she reached her destination. Her hand closed around him and began a slow caress through the material of his pants.

* Oh, God I hope that is Kristin * Nathan thought as the caressing continued. He almost released a squeak of protest when moments later the fondling stopped. When he felt the hands move higher he coughed in order to cover the sound of his belt and zipper being undone.

"Geez, Captain are you sure you're all right?" Ford asked

"Fine... I'm Fine." Nathan stated as that hand slipped into his open fly, burrowing past the barrier of his boxers to close around his already hard member. Then the hand began to stroke him in a slow steady rhythm until he was hard and throbbing.

Nathan almost voiced his displeasure out loud when the caressing suddenly stopped. He felt the pair of hands as they moved to his hips tugging on the waistband of his pants and boxers. He shifted in his seat to offer assistance as the clothing was pulled further down to allow greater access.

Nathan's fingers dug into the soft padded armrest of his chair in order to hold back his moan of pleasure as a warm hand cupped his sac and began gently rolling his balls back and forth. He tried to keep his face impassive and maintain his silence, a near impossible task, as the sweet assault continued.

His precious control nearly shattered when he felt the warm wetness of a tongue trace the vein on the underside of his shaft, from base to tip before swirling around the head. His breath hissed between his teeth when a warm mouth closed around him.

Kristin's hand stroked slowly up and down in a counterpoint to the movements of her mouth and tongue. She felt Nathan's hand settle softly on her head, fingers caressing lightly, silently encouraging her. Her tongue darted out, lapping at the tangy pre-come she was coaxing from him and she growled seductively. Nathan couldn't hold back the resulting gasp at the vibrations this sent to the hypersensitive nerve endings.

"Captain?" Ford questioned curiously.

Nathan took a deep breath. "It's nothing, Commander." he replied and hoped his voice didn't sound too strained.

As Ford resumed his report the hand on his hardness began to stroke faster, the tongue flicking quickly against the head and Nathan knew he was lost.

He bit down on his lip to silence his moan as he came with tidal wave force.

Nathan suddenly realized that Ford had stopped speaking.

He cleared his throat. "Uhm, thank you Commander. I'll go over these files again and let you know my decision in the morning."

Jonathan stood up and nodded before heading to the door. When he reached it he turned back.

"You know Captain you really should see Doc Westphalen and do something about that cough." He said, totally oblivious to what had just taken place beneath the desk.

"Oh, I intend to Commander." he replied.

Kristin heard the door close behind Ford then Nathan pushed back his chair. She smiled when she saw his hand reach out to her. She took it and he pulled her out from under the desk.

"That was..." he began as he pulled her close.

"Incredible... fantastic... The best you've ever had." She supplied playfully as he settled her across his lap. She draped her arms around his neck and leaned in close. "Admit it, having Jonathan in the room made it all the more exciting." She finished as she leaned even closer.

"Revenge. Sweet revenge."

Nathan smiled and tangled his fingers in her hair.

"Well then here's to sweet revenge." he whispered huskily as he drew her lips to his.

*** Fin***

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