by Maddie
Email: Witheld by request of author.

This is my first attempt at fan-fic for something other than soaps, and while I am NOT a native artifact expert, I have tried my best. *wink* I hope you like it.

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five
Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten
Part Eleven Part Twelve Part Thirteen Part Fourteen Part Fifteen
Part Sixteen Part Seventeen Part Eighteen Part Nineteen Part Twenty
Part Twenty-One Part Twenty-Two Part Twenty-Three

Now to add where I got my info from...lol.

Beautiful B.C. Magazine (earthquake info.)
My flight school training
First hand experience on Vancouver Island
Website for Coast Salish First Nations
Watching too many soaps...lol!

Pachena Bay IS a real place and the Loht'a tribe was a real people. They were swept out to sea one horrible night 300 years ago, and never heard from again.

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