Part Thirty Two: Grey-Green Eyes

"What about Nigel?" Aaronís accusing eyes settled on his enemy. "Where is he, or have you already murdered him?"

"Heís being held in my tent, you just get her ready to travel...Iíll make sure he meets you at the truck. Next time, Deleany, you wonít be so lucky." Omar quickly left and dismissed the guards before going to fetch the father of Ms. Foxís child, although he feared it was already too late, for the child and the young man...

Aaron didnít waste time. Wrapped in a blanket, he gathered Sydney up into his arms and started for the door. She was nowhere near coherent anymore, her body limp, exhausted from the ordeal. Just a quick glance to make sure he had everything he needed, and he was off. But not before gabbing one more significant item.

"Theyíre going to really need you dear." Aaron muttered, and stuffed her into his jacket. Poking half way out of his pocket, her strawberry blonde curls once again dancing in the cool Karducian air as he strode off to their waiting vehicle, was Sophie...

Aaron drove while Nigel stayed with Sydney in the back. So much was unknown at this point. As much as Aaron wanted to believe there was still a chance she hadnít lost her baby, he held very little hope for good news once they arrived in Van. Things were peaceful now, and it seemed as if Sydneyís embattled body had finally given in to sleep at long last. Her head rested on Nigelís lap, and he mindlessly stroked her hair back from her face in a slow soothing manner. The action calmed his nerves as much as it had hers when they first started out.

"Do you really think sheís lost the baby?" Nigel absentmindedly asked in a subdued, British drawl. It sounded more like a plea than anything else. He desperately needed some reassurance, and usually turned to Syd for that when things looked their darkest, but now that was impossible. He had to rely on himself, and he wasnít very good at it yet. In fact, he wasnít very good at a lot of things unless he had her by his side to help keep him steady. "The bleeding seems to have stopped, and so has all that horrible cramping."

Aaron didnít want to even guess... but for the sake of his younger companionís morale, he looked at it positively. "Iím not a doctor son, Iím a miserable excuse for a friend is what I am. Iíve seen this happen in few times in my life, and each time the outcome was not a desirable one." He let go of a mournful sigh. "But I will say this. Sheís been quiet now for, oh, about two hours now? My guess is that if she hasnít lost it by now, she wonít. All you can really do for her now is pray for her Nigel."

Aaron glanced into the rear-view mirror to see a hopeful smile etch across Nigelís weary face. He had to say something positive. Aside from escaping with their own lives and the discovery of the Ark, they had little else to be grateful for...

Sydney blinked her eyes, opening them to a lovely, bright summer day in a beautiful garden. She was warm, and she felt so safe...almost like she was being lovingly embraced by God Himself.

"Hi." Chirped a tiny, female voice.

Startled, Sydney turned to see a pretty little mahogany haired child, not more than seven or eight years old standing just behind her, giggling. "Hi there."

"Whatís your name?" She asked, and skipped closer, curiosity in her vibrant grey-green eyes. Expressive eyes Sydney had seen someplace before.

"My nameís Sydney. Who are you, and where did you come from?"

"Oh, youíre Sydney!" Her face exploded with the biggest, silliest grin Sydney ever saw, thinking it looked just like Nigelís goofy faced smirks from time to time. "Iím glad you came to see me! You're prettier than I imagined."

"Oh, honey, thanks! Listen, I have no idea how I got here, can you help me with that?"

"Uh-huh...I can help you Sydney! I will always be around to help you."

Sydney smiled. "Okay, then start talking little one. I still donít know youíre name."

The childís cheerful grin faded and she kneeled at Sydneyís feet, tugging on her pant leg to join her. Sydney got down to the girlís level and listened intently. "Iím Sophie. Daddy sure knows how to give good names, huh?" She explained softly. "Iím that little baby you have, right there." Reaching over, she patted Sydís middle and looked into her eyes. "Mama, I donít know if Iím ever going to meet you in the real world or not, but God told me one day, you, me and daddy will all be together in heaven. Wonít that be wonderful?"

Sydney could not find her voice. This was, IS impossible...

"Oh, and you and daddy were naughty, naughty, naughty for going into old Noahís Ark!" She leaned over, as if she were trying to tell her a secret. "But thatís okay, He hid it better now, and He said itís okay with Him for you to keep the dolly. He said He forgives you both, even daddy for stealing my dolly! Daddy didn't know I was still playing with it." She sighed. "All the other little kids here think my mum and dad are klep...klepto..."


"Thank you mummy, that's it." She smiled again. His smile.

Now Sydney wanted to cry...this was her child? Hers and Nigelís little girl? Now she could see it, where the resemblences skirted around the truth at first, it was now blaringly obvious... She was in a word...breathtaking.

"God said itís okay if you want to hug me now mama..."

Sydneyís tears fell freely as she scooped the child into her arms and hugged her so close. "Oh Sophie..."

"Oh Sophie, I love you..."

"Syd?" He thought he heard her say something. Feeling the warmth of Nigelís hand on her shoulder and lifted her head up to meet that same concerned, grey-green gaze. "How are you feeling, aside form scared to death, I mean."

She didnít know what to say, and knew telling him was just out of the question.

"Weíre at the hospital in Van Syd, Aaronís gone inside to get a doctor. Everythingís going to be okay..."

Sydney just looked up at him through her dark, languid eyes, then passed out one more time.

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