Part Twenty Nine: Dear God

** Sevgilin means, my darling**

Although Omar was disappointed there was nothing salvaged from the Ark, he was extremely pleased he had finally caught up to these three troublesome relic hunters. Deleany and his friends would be really sorry for the damage and humiliation they caused during their previous encounter. The woman in particular was of great interest to him. He recalled first laying eyes on her in Istanbul, unsure if the Englishman accompanied her in a personal or business capacity. It appeared to be both from the way they clung to one another the second time they met. Such an odd couple, he thought, it will be a shame to have to kill them both tonight. Thinking about it, Omar wondered if he should just be humane about the executions this time around. The end result would be the same. He didnít gave a damn about Deleany, that bastard had it coming to him for sure...But Fox and Bailey, hmm... He moaned, remembering well how he had watched his own young wife die at the hands of the army fifteen years before.

"Rosa, sevginlin..." His words were barely a whisper.

Closing his eyes he sighed deeply, still in love, still missing her greatly. It was decided. He would take each of them out under the pretence that they were going for questioning. Yes, that was it! He would have them taken to separate locations where one could not hear the other, then while interrogating them, have one of his soldiers shoot from the back. This figuratively eliminated any hysteria, and crying out for him to spare one or the other. And people said he had no heart... Yes, that was the plan. Ha, but that devil Deleany.... He was going out in a blaze of glory, that one! Omar had already handpicked his firing squad.

Aaron was growing impatient and started to get nervous, pacing back and forth like a caged animal. Nigel and Sydney sat together on the floor, both of them feeling the same tension their friend was. This was taking too long.

"This is ridiculous!" Aaron fretted. "Why hasnít he told us anything yet?"

"Probably because heís the one in charge, he has all the guns and heíll make the decisions?" Nigel concisely answered him.

"You donít understand Bailey...this man is a cold blooded killer. Heís been double timing the Turkish Army now for years."

"That doesnít necessarily mean heíll kill us for sure Aaron. Can you just try to relax for a little while? Youíre making me dizzy with all this hoofing round and about."

Ignoring their idle bickering, Sydney was trying to nod off on Nigelís shoulder despite herself, willing away the slight cramping she could feel in her gut out of pure determination alone. Omar had fed them some kind of hot, middle eastern entrťe, and she was beginning to think whatever it was did not agree with her. No matter what position she tried, it just kept coming back every so often in stronger, longer waves.

"Nigel..." She reached a hand up and resting it against his chest, grabbed a fistful of the waffle knit shirt he was wearing, startling him.

Glancing down to Sydneyís pained expression with surprise, a wave of worry pricked at his skin. "Whatís wrong?"

"I, I donít know..." She suddenly sucked in her breath and doubled over.


"Itís okay... Iím fine..." She wasnít at all convincing to him, but tried to smile through her suffering anyhow.

"Maybe you should be lying down." Nigel suggested, and started to drag himself up, taking Sydney with him. "Over here." He helped her onto the cot while Aaron pulled some blankets from a storage trunk. Handing them to Nigel he stepped to the other side of her.

"Sydney, what are you feeling?" Aaron calmly asked, kneeling beside her. He wasnít a doctor, but he was pretty sure what was happening here. "What does it feel like?"

"It feels like hell, and Iím cold like you wouldnít believe! And thereís this cramping!" She confessed at last. She just couldnít do this any longer, the pains were getting worse... "Ooh, whatís wrong with me? Did, did that bastard poison me?" She begged him as another spontaneous surge hit her lower abdomen.

"Just try to relax Syd, itís going to be alright." Nigel reassured her, and swallowing hard gently stroked her arm. The truth was he had no idea how it was going to be, and was probably just as scared as she looked. His frightened hazel eyes darted across the cot to Aaron for an answer. "Sheís going to be fine, isnít she?"

This had been Aaronís fear from the onset. He watched her from the moment they were pulled from the cave, and she wasnít looking all that hot then. Every so often she would fumble, discomfort riddled her pretty Polynesian features and he knew something wasnít right. He was afraid she was in the early stages of a miscarriage, but didnít want to come right out and say it. She wasnít bleeding, yet. "How far along are you Sydney, it canít be that much."

"I was told about, oh...God... thirteen weeks or sooo...." Her body stiffened and she curled into a fetal position facing Nigel.

"Okay, how long have you been feeling the cramping? Sydney!"

She groaned as the last wave of pain subsided, her chest heaving. "I, I would have to say... most of the day, but nothing near this bad." Her eyes were wide and her lips quivering. There was a fine mist of sweat covering her skin. This was foreign territory for Sydney Fox. She didnít know what to expect, and that idea scared her the most.

"Aaron, what are we going do?" Nigelís startled eyes looked hopelessly lost. "Are you telling me sheís having contractions? NOW?" Aaron's steeled expression sealed the deal. "Dear God."

DISCLAIMER::::::::: My medical journal used the words "contraction" for the action the uterus goes through during the spontaneous expulsion of a fetus. So that is the word I used for what Sydney was experiencing.

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