Part Fifteen: A Little Faith

Aaron heard Sydney’s furious out cry and could only assume that Omar had done something unthinkable to Nigel, but there was no gunshot to accompany her impassioned protests. Just the deafening sounds of silence everywhe...e. God... you know what we’re doing here. Why, why Lord...he hopelessly prayed in vain. He knew the odds that they would all be dead before the end of the day were high, and most certainly not in their favour. If his wife’s suspicions about Sydney were correct, there would be another, far more innocent victim in their quest for the Ark. Turning his head to look into the eyes of the young soldier beating him, he saw the butt end of a rifle plummeting towards his face. Total blackness followed...

Candlelight delicately played against the flowery walls of Sydney’s father’s rustic, back woods cabin where Nigel had painstakingly perfected his elaborate finishing touches to the dining room table. He wanted for everything to be absolutely perfect. Sydney had already gone down to the pier with the girls to wait for their neighbour Mrs. Fisher to come and take them for the night. Sadie had been asking about the grandmotherly woman long before they even tied up at the dock that morning. Sophie, on the other hand, had been far more hesitant. She had begged to stay with Nigel. He grinned at the thought of being needed that badly by her, she certainly had always been daddy’s little girl.

"Well, they’re finally off!" Sydney announced as she came bursting through the door. "I had to practically peel her off my leg again. Sadie went without a second thought, but Sophie... Oh God Nigel, that child so reminds me of you when I first met you." She smiled, thinking about how he used to hide behind her every time they entered one of those relic hunter bars.

"Well, that other daughter of yours would jump off a cliff without a second thought Syd, not a cautious bone in her body." He gently reminded her, and scooped her into his waiting arms. "They’re polar opposites, you know that Syd."

"Like us." She echoed his sentiment. "Now that we’ve got the place to ourselves, let’s take advantage of it, shall we?" She playfully suggested, hungirly raking her fingers up into his soft, tawny hair.

Nigel’s hands slowly skimmed along her spine and anchored at her hips, deliberately taking his time he tugged her lean body close. Sydney licked her lips in expectation, she knew from experience that he never was one to disappoint. Tilting his head to one side he began his affectionate conquest nuzzling up near her ear and neck. Slowly, provocatively, his hot, wet lips caressed the smooth skin along her high cheekbones, satiny eyelids and elf-like nose. Sydney started to squirm under his practised hands as they silently crept up along her sides and up over her shoulders, one tunnelling under her sun kissed sable hair. She in turn circled her arms around his neck, drawing him into her. Nigel breathed in the symphony of wildflowers in her hair, no longer able to resist the temptation of her sensuous pout. He groaned at the mere thought of uninterrupted, uninhibited, undiluted sex.

"What about supper?" His voice was rasping, motioning towards his labour of love.

"Dinner, my darling, can wait..."

Nigel’s eyes popped open in an instant, amazingly short of breath and in a varied state of distress. A cold sweat coated his pale skin in every conceivable spot, and in a bittersweet sense, he could still taste her salty lips moving over his... What a spectacular, unbelievable daydream! It felt so real, but he knew it couldn’t be real. He and Sydney with children? Inconceivable!

The danger they were presently facing came thundering back to the forefront of his mind all too fast and furiously from the moment that he tried to move, finding himself completely immobilised... Both he and Aaron were confined together by their wrists, each man on either side of a thick stumped tree with their arms stretched around its base. Oh dear God, where was Syd?

"S-Syd...Sydney!" He couldn’t see her anywhere and panic flooded through him at an alarming rate.

"Nigel! Shut up, God dammit shut up!" Aaron commanded in a hushed but forcful voice. "Are you trying to get us killed here?"

"No, I thought you were..." Came Nigel’s less than tolerant reply.

"Just listen to me kiddo, Sydney literally had to be dragged away kicking and fighting and put into a separate vehicle. She almost took a couple of them out! The Lord works in mysterious ways son!" Aaron was proud of that fact and smiled. That was Sydney all over! "So relax, she’s still alive. We still have a chance to get out of this! Just have a little faith Bailey."

Faith he says, for crying out loud... It was getting unbearably cold, and Nigel’s insides started to quake ever so slightly, but he desperately tried to focus on being irate at Aaron instead. "Have you completely gone off your nut Deleany? We’ve been chained to a tree! There’s a raving lunatic running this outfit and he wants to kill us at his leisure!" Obviously, Nigel wasn’t in a very optimistic or forgiving mood.

"Just take a moment and inhale some oxygen into that pointy little head of yours young man, then look over to your left. Tell me what you see."

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