Part Eleven

"So how is it that we jumped from Merlin to Peter Pan?" The female relic hunter asked, plopping into a seat on the subway. " I know, I know, the dream and its stupid riddle. I still don’t think it was a dream, and I think the riddle was just our subconscious. We already heard of Destiny. We were just talking about it a few days ago, how we’d both like to go see it but there was no way. There must have been an ad placing it at the Alpine, and our minds filled in the blanks for the rest."

Her colleague issued a noncommittal grunt that might have been interpreted as disagreement. "All right, if it wasn’t a dream, what was it? Were we dead?"

That possibility had certainly crossed Sydney’s mind. On the other hand, it was even less plausible than a shared dream.

She glanced at Nigel, taking in the fact that he was slouched into his seat, a luxury afforded only by the lateness of their ride. Even half an hour earlier, rush hour would have forced them into a standing-room-only situation.

The commuter train carried them north, where they would ultimately disembark in New York. Sydney was tempted to turn around now and head back home to Boston. Nigel was exhausted and so was she. Their unorthodox start to the day melted into a drive to MIT to see Pete. Between drive time and the time spent waiting for results, daylight yielded to dusk and now to complete darkness.

And they were in a subway train headed away from home, literally chasing a dream.

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