Part Ten

Pete jumped, capturing a small figurine just in time to prevent it from falling to its destruction. It wasnít until then that Sydney caught the reference.

The complete set lined the narrow shelf formed by Peteís chair rail.

There were at least a dozen miniatures, each portraying a different character in the childrenís story. Peter Pan raised a toy sword, while Wendy Darlingís diminutive fingers tracked the words in a tiny storybook. Johnís teddy bear dragged the ground behind him, Captain Hook glowered in a pirate-y pose, and Tinkerbellís wings glittered in the light that poured through the unadorned window.

"The child that never grows oldÖ"

Nigelís head jerked up. "What did you say?" He was on his feet instantly as the implications sunk in. "Of course. Peter Pan! Peter." His injured arm was cradled in muslin sling, a pale triangle against his navy chambray shirt.

Pete chuckled. "I know, itís a dumb collection for a grown man. But my mom named me after the story. She said she always loved the book, and that she hoped naming me after the eternal child would keep me young at heart forever. These little dudes always make me smile. So sue me."

It was a full moment before anyone spoke. Sydney met her assistantís gaze. "You know anything about a night train, Pete?"

The chemist stood, his brow furrowed. "How did you know about the train? Even Phoebe and Kate donít know about it. I only got the tickets this morning, after I was sure I got the seats to see Destiny."

Sydney choked. "Destiny????"

"I know," Pete replied as he reluctantly yielded the stone to her. "Itís sold out for a year in advance. But this is our fifth anniversary and this is the first time Iíve been able to do anything good. Katie helped me get the tickets, so I had to take her, too. Of course, once the showís done sheís on her own. I donít intend to drag my kid sister along for the entire night. Sort of puts a crimp in things."

"Whereís it playing?" Nigelís voice was almost resigned at this point.

"Itís at the Alpine Theater."

"Of course. The Mountain."

"Yep. And if youíve ever had to climb those steps you know where it got its name."

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