Like Father, Like Son

By Heidi
January 2001

Disclaimers-These are not my characters and I am not making any money off of them.
Ratings-SJR, John deals with his father, drama, probably PG-13

Jack sat in his lair contemplating what to do with the newly acquired files. He knew that it would be a perfect setup to discredit John Grant. By discrediting Grant, his love Samantha would be free for him. Jack rifled through the closet trying to find a box. He put the files in the box and covered them with rose petals from his own garden. After addressing the box, Jack put on his disguise and went to mail his "care" package.

......................Back in the real world.......................................

Sam was blissfully enjoying an evening at home by herself. Angel was at the gallery and Chloe was with Tomís parents. That bliss was shattered when the phone rang.

"Hello" Sam said as she picked up the phone.

"Sam" Bailey said "we have a message from Jack and need you to come in now"

"Ok, let me get dressed and Iíll be there in a 1/2 hour" Sam told him already walking to her bedroom with the cordless phone

Sam knew that Bailey would only call if it was an emergency, so she knew that this was big.

When Sam arrived at the VCTF, she was surprised to see it so busy at eleven oíclock at night. But this was Jack, so everyone got pulled in. They had been after this guy for so long. Every clue was important when it came to dealing with Jack.

"Sam, everyone is in the command center" George said coming up behind her.

When she walked into the command center, Sam was surprised to see the casualness of everyoneís clothes. John had jeans and a sweatshirt on, Marcus was in sweats, Grace was wearing jeans and a tee-shirt, and even Bailey had jeans on. Then Sam thought of her own dress in jeans.

Their faces spoke volumes when they looked at Sam. Sam slid into her seat next to John and waited for Bailey to speak.

"Ok, people. Jackís back" Bailey told the group straight forwardly "he left a red rose and a message on Johnís car tonight. The message said ĎBack Off, Sheís Mineí. We also got an email message that came in three parts. George, run it down"

"As Bailey said, the message did come in three parts. You have to put all three parts together to get the message" George punched some computer keys and the email came together on the large screen.

A collective gasp came from a speechless team. The email was a picture of a young John with his father. Sam saw John tense up at the picture.

"Here is the message" George said scrolling down under the picture "It is for Sam"

The message read........
  my darling Samantha
   are you sure you want this kind of man
   you are mine forever

"Well, he got his point across" Sam plainly said "so what now? Wait for him to make another move?"

"We are going to increase protection for you both. No arguments. Sam, the inside cameras are now on and will stay on until the threat is lessened" Bailey said in his no nonsense voice.

Before the meeting broke up, Bailey told everyone to be in early because they had a lot to do. Most of the team went back home, but Sam retreated to her office. She thought about her "relationship" with John. They were close friends and had been out on a few dates. Sam shifted her thoughts back to the Jack email message. Sam and the rest of the team knew about Johnís past and family because of the field training exercise that they had been through a few months ago. They had dealt with it and become closer through it all. John was the one who didnít like to deal with his past and rarely let Sam talk about it with him. He clamed up whenever it did come up.

"Sam, letís go" John said knocking her out of her thoughts.  "You know, lunch?" laughing at her blank face.

"Ok" Sam told him anxious to talk to John away from work.

After lunch, Sam and John ended up at the park. They sat down on a bench and Sam was the first one to break the silence around them.

"John, please talk to me about that picture" Sam implored him.

"The picture was taken when I was 14. It was taken at a party for a Ďfriendí of my fatherís. It was three days before we left Boston" John said plainly. "But how did Jack get it?"

"I donít know. Maybe he has contacts with the OíConnor syndicate" Sam said.

"Jack is trying to discredit me in your eyes and the teamís eyes. He has no clue that you guys already know the whole story about me and my past" John said and started for the car.

................Back at VCTF headquarters.......................

"Sam, there is a package coming down for you. It was just delivered and looks like it is from Jack" Bailey turned and told her as he hung up the phone.

An agent brought the box down and gave it to Sam in the command center.

"Letís see what in here" Sam said opening the box.

Inside, the top was covered with rose petals and a large stack of files with the name OíDoyle written on them.

"George, scan these and see why Jack would send them to me" Sam told George as she handed him the stack of files.

"Ok, but it will take some time" George told her and with that, the meeting was over.

Sam was trying to concentrate on case files, but having no luck. Her eyes and thoughts wandered to where John sat at his desk. She could see the tension radiating off of him. She picked up her phone and buzzed his desk.

"VCTF, Grant" John ground out each word.

"In my office, now" a familiar voice said and John looked over to Samís office. The blinds and door were shut. He wondered what she was doing. He then got up and walked to her office.

Sam was waiting for him and directed him to her couch. He sat down beside her.

"You need to talk. You are way too tense" Sam told him in a soft voice.

"Iím fine" John barked at her.

"No, you are definitely not fine. You have been stomping around here like an angry bull. You almost took Marcusí head off for bumping into you in the hall. You need to get it out of your system before it explodes" Sam told him in her psychologist voice.

"Fine, Iíll talk. Where?" John told her.

"My place. Iíll make dinner. We will be alone because Angel is going to the gallery and Chloe is still with Tomís parents. It will be private and come prepared to talk" Sam told him.

The phone on Samís desk beeped. It was George.

"Sam, I got those files scanned into a database" George told her.

Everyone quickly assembled in the command center. They were all anxious to see what Jack had delivered to them this time.

"George, check for any references to crimes themselves. Maybe Jack wants John punished in some way. Check for any reference to Jack himself. Possibly he wants to show us how important he is. Also check for any reference to John. Then again Jack could be trying to show us, me specifically, how much John is like his father" Sam analyzed.

"OK" George punched a few keys and turned back to Sam "Hereís what we got-no reference to OíDoyle or any crimes. Jack is only mentioned a few times, mainly in passing. John is mentioned in every file that was scanned. Sam, even you are mentioned in the files" George told the team.

All heads turned to look at John, who was dumbstruck.

"What kinds of files are these" Sam asked.

"They are files from a team of private investigators. They go back to right after Johnís motherís death. It seems your father has been following you and is being kept up to date on your life" George finished looking up from the computer screen.

"How did Jack get these files" Bailey asked no one in particular.

"He could have gotten them through theft or just killing the guy who had them" Sam finished.

The meeting was ending and Bailey turned to John.

"My office, now" Bailey directed to the younger agent.

In Baileyís office, John angrily paced around the room.

"I want to read whatís in those files. I have a right. This is my life and not his" John told Bailey.

"You know, Sam also deserves to see those files. She is also mentioned in them" Bailey told his hotshot and friend.

"OK, weíll go over them at dinner" John told his superior officer and walked back to his desk.

John arrived at the firehouse bearing flowers, wine, and a stack a files. Dinner was ready when he arrived and they both dove into the meal that Sam had prepared.

"Dinner was excellent, Sam" John complimented her.

"Thank you, but flattery will not get you out of showing me those files" Sam said dropping a kiss on his lips.

As Sam cleaned up, John got the files ready.

"Ok, here are the beginning files. This pile spans right after my motherís death through college. This second pile goes from after college to the Atlanta PD. This last pile covers everything from Atlanta PD to present" John informed her pointing out piles as she settled in on the couch next to him.

By midnight, they had relived Johnís college years and most of his time with the Atlanta PD. Sam picked up the last pile and turned to John.

"Itís getting late, do you want to go through this last pile in the morning?" Sam asked.

"No, letís go through them now" John told her.

Sam noticed John had been quiet all evening. She knew it was hard for him to read about his motherís death.

The current files were more in depth and highly detailed. Sam was almost shocked to see herself mentioned so many times. She and John had only been out a few times and Sam didnít think that they spent that much time together. The files said something else.

"Why does your father want to keep track of you and why for so long?" Sam asked John directly.

"He wants to make sure that I know that he is out there and can get to me whenever and wherever. He also wants to make sure that I know he can get to the people in my life just as easily" John told her point blank.

"You need to settle things with your father once and for all. I wonít let him interfere with our relationship. I love you and anything in your past isnít going to change that fact" Sam told him kissing his lips.

John responded to her kissing while thinking that Sam was right. He did need to settle things with his father permanently. The only way to move on was to close the door on the past and old ghosts that kept coming back to hurt him and the people he was closest to. He decided that he had to go to Boston and meet with the old man face-to-face.

The next morning, Sam and John announced that they were flying to Boston. The team had already figured that John would be confronting his father. Bailey offered to send the team for moral support, but John said that it was his fight and he had to deal with it on his own terms.

After boarding the plane, Sam wanted to talk. John was the first to speak.

"You want to know why I hate my father so much, donít you? You already know what kind of career that he has and the fact that he beat my mother and me. Boy, he is going to be surprised when his only son writes him off for good. I hate him because he put us through hell. I canít prove it, but he is responsible for her death. Is that everything you wanted to know?" John alternated between emotional and sarcastic tones.

" I am glad that you finally shared with me and trusted me enough to tell me. I love you." Sam said dropping kisses on Johnís face.

After the plane landed in Boston and they got checked into their hotel, John offered to take Sam to lunch. Sam agreed and found herself in front of a Bean Boy restaurant.

"You remembered" Sam said laughingly.

"Of course, I remembered. After the Jenkins case, I promised you weíd stop by the real thing the next time we were in Boston. I keep my promises." John said holding the door open for her.

After lunch, John showed Sam around Boston and some of his old hang outs. Sam was surprised when John pulled up in front of a large, extravagant home.

"This is Ďhisí house. I need to do this now before I lose my nerve" John told Sam getting out of the car.

"John, you donít have to do this if you arenít ready. I and the team will understand." Sam told him concerned.

"I know that I donít, but this is a part of my life I have to deal with. I need to have closure and make peace with my past" John told her ringing the doorbell.

The door opened and after identifying who they were, the butler showed them to an office/study area. John paced around the room, while Sam studied the room. The room was expensively furnished and everything was the best that money could buy. The room was also full of pictures of family. There were pictures of Johnís parents, John as a baby, and John as a young child.

"He certainly has a lot of pictures of you. You seem to be a pretty good part of his life" Sam analyzed to John.

"Too bad, he is not a focus of my life" John told her tersely and Sam wisely dropped the subject.

The door to the room opened and an older version of John entered the room. Sam saw the difference in the two men right away. Johnís eyes were happy and sparkling, OíDoyleís were hardened, tough eyes.

"Johnny, they told me you were here, but I didnít believe them. You are finally home after all these years. You brought a lovely woman home with you to boot" Patrick OíDoyle addressed to his son John.

"No, I am not back home. I am working a case and you are involved in it up to your eyeballs. This is Doctor Samantha Waters" John said to his father.

"What case and what do I have to do with it?" Patrick asked John, already putting his guard up.

"There were files delivered to the VCTF. They contained information pertinent to me and my life. They were from a series of private investigators who have been keeping you up to date on me. I want to know why" John almost shouted at his father.

"How does that relate to your case?" Patrick asked with a suspicious tone in his voice.

"The current investigator is dead and we are looking for his killer" John lied hoping that Sam would get the hint to play along with him.

"You are my son and I deserve to have a part of your life. I will never forgive your mother for taking you away from me. I wanted to be involved in your life and this was the only way." Patrick told his son and continued "I know that the lovely Dr.. Waters is your girlfriend and all about her past. You would do well to stay away from a woman who has a serial killer after her."

"Go to hell. My mother saved my life when she escaped from this mad house. She didnít want me turning into a carbon copy of you. This ends now. You maybe my father, but you have no part in my life. Goodbye." John yelled at his father as he and Sam walked out of the room.

John never once looked back. He was making a clean break.

Sam and John returned to the hotel and gathered their things. They had decided it would be best to leave Boston and not dwell on bad memories. Later, while they were on the plane, Sam and John talked about what happened at the house.

"He is my past. I am finally closing that door. I am moving on with my life." John told her.

"I think that you need to take some time and let it hit you. It hasnít happened yet." Sam explained to him based on her own experiences with this kind of thing.

Sam knew that the plea would fall on deaf ears. John came to work, even when he had been beaten badly.

"You know, we still have a dinner date at your place. Do you still want to have dinner?" John asked her.

"Yes, dinner is still on, so see you at seven sharp." Sam told him.

At seven p.m., the doorbell rang and Sam answered on the second ringing. John stood outside her door with a bottle of wine.

Dinner was a quiet affair. They both ended up on the couch just talking softly.

"John, please talk to me about what happened today" Sam implored him.

"OK, Sam, here it is. I ended my relationship with my father. I finally made peace with everything that has happened. I wonít be looking over my shoulder anymore" John told her.

John leaned over and kissed her. It was a form of release because of all that had happened in the last few days. Sam needed a release, too and kissed John back passionately. They both found themselves on the floor with John reaching for the buttons on Samís sweater, he stopped and turned to her and looked her in the eye.

"Sam, are you sure that you want this?" John asked searching her eyes for an answer or any hesitation.

"I am more than sure. This is what I want, but we need some more privacy." Sam uttered and pointed to the cameras in the room.

Sam lead John down the hallway to her room. They went into the bedroom and closed the door to the world. It was just them in that room and their own problems and issues just disappeared for a little while.

Sam woke up and heard John stirring around in the kitchen. She laid in bed just thinking about how wonderful the night had been. John had been a tender lover and respected her wishes. She found his sweatshirt on the floor and slipped it on before going to the kitchen.

"Hey, sorry if I woke you up. I got hungry. By the way, you look better in that sweatshirt than I do." John told her giving her a kiss.

"Itís ok. I needed to get up anyway. We have to be at work in an hour." Sam told him as she grabbed a cup of coffee from the already made pot.

"Do you regret what happened last night?" John asked her bringing up the infamous morning after conversation.

"No. I love you and our relationship just went to the next part." Sam spoke and continued "Do you regret what happened last night?"

"No way. I love you, but I wasnít sure if you were ready to progress" John enlightened her.

Sam and John both wore similar smiles when they left the firehouse and went to work.

Back in Boston......................

Patrick OíDoyle sat in his study nursing a drink. So, Johnny thought that it was over. That boy was so wrong and going to be sorry for his actions. Patrick looked over the file on Samantha Waters, he knew that he could go after her and get what he wanted. Patrick picked up the phone and dialed a private number he had for Nathan and Michelle Brubaker.

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