A short erotic story based on the tv show, The Others.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. This is a story for adults only, so any one under 18 shouldn't read this. Wait till your older. Hopefully, it'll still be here.

Marian woke suddenly from her sleep. The bedroom around her was still dark. She could feel the experience in her body. Still feel the knives that had cut into Mary Jane's flesh. Feel the pain. The horrible pain. Her bedroom almost seemed filled with the the smell of blood, of panic, of hysteria. The stench of death.

Out of nowhere, the memories began to make her cry as she sat in her bed. They were so vivid, so real, she couldn't get them out of her head. The glint of the blade, screams as blood splattered onto the killer's face as he cut, and cut. Oh god, it hurt so much.

"Make it stop..." Marian whispered. "Please, make it stop..." She desperately wanted the shadowy residuals of her channelling to fade at last.

Her bedroom light suddenly turned on and Mark was there. He had come, unannounced, sensing her despair. Empathizing with her as was his gift. And although it was Marian who had channelled the woman who had died over a hundred years ago, it was Mark who had loved her. Who had known her in his dreams, as she had known him in hers. Dreams which they had shared, both doomed and separated by time. Marian looked up at him standing there as she cried. Tears fell down her cheek like rain. She rose from the bed and walked over to collapse against him, sobbing.

"It's ok, Marian. I'm here." Mark tried to comfort her. His empathic powers told him how much pain she was in. Almost as if he could feel it himself. Death had touched her tonight, had touched them all, and she quivered still from it. Quivered to the bone. He held Marian close, knowing she needed him near.

It was over an hour later when her crying began to subside somewhat, diving beneath the surface. Mark finally put her back on the bed, tears still hiding behind her eyes. But she was better then she had been before.

Marian was silent, sniffling as Mark held her.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

She looked at him, her face almost crumbling into sadness again as a single tear traced down her pale, freckled cheek. Marian's blue eyes glittered with moisture as she looked at him, gasping softly to hold back the tears.

"Marian, it'll be alright. I'm right here. I'll help you through this." He reached out and held her even closer, sitting with her on the bed.

Tenderly she touched his face. How she loved his face. "Mark..."

"What is it, Marian? Tell me."

"Mark, make love to me. Please..."

He hadn't expected that. The channelling must have affected her more than he realized. She was still feeling what Mary Jane had felt. "Marian... I don't think that's such a good idea."

"Don't you want me?" Her eyes were filled with need.

Mark looked into them. "Of course I do...."

"Mark, I'm surrounded by so much death, so much pain. Like today... it's too much. It's just too much. I need to feel life again. To push death away. I need you to make love to me, Mark. I want you. I want you to kiss me... again. Like you did." Tenderly, Marian touched his face.

"Look, you were channelling. Channelling Mary Jane as she died. I was kissing her, not you. The feelings you think you have for me.... are hers, not yours. You're very vulnerable right now."

"Mark, I know what I'm doing. These aren't her feelings, they're my feelings. I can feel you. I can sense you. You've wanted to kiss me, I know it. For a long time. So, just, kiss me..." Marian leaned forward, yearning for his touch. Mark hesitated, but he closed his eyes as her lips slowly, tentatively, found his. It was soft at first, and she gasped desperately at the life of it, a tear of release falling down her face. But the kiss grew, full and passionate, hungry for fulfilment. They fell into each other's arms, overcome. They became the other they needed for each other.

Mark kissed her neck, breathing heavily. Marian took him into her arms, falling down onto her back as she pulled him over her, his body on top of hers on the bed. Their bodies pressed tightly together, kissing passionately. Marian moaned, she had wanted him for so long, dreamed of him touching her the way he was now. Her breasts were pressed against his chest, hidden away only by the soft fabric of the shirts they both wore. Mark felt intoxicated by the feel of her body, and realized he needed this just as much as she did. Needed the reaffirmation of life. After all, he had watched Mary Jane die too.

Marian grabbed his shoulders and rolled the both of them, until Mark's back was on her bed sheets as her legs straddled his waist. Mark looked up at her as her weight pressed against him, hands sliding up the sweatpants on her thighs. Marian's eyes never left his, never showed any doubt as she crossed her arms and lifted her shirt off her pale, slender body, pulling it past her short red hair. Her skin was a freckled ivory, soft and inviting. Her breasts were small and supple, tapering delightfully to the two small, waiting, beautiful knubs of her firming nipples, small circles of gentle, inviting pink set against her pale skin. Mark felt his pulse quicken as he looked at them, hands resting on her hips before sliding carefully up to caresses her breasts. His palms shifted those enticing mounds up against Marian's body, lifting them in his fingers.

Marian looked at him, lips parted and panting softly at his touch. Mark explored her breasts with his hands, tenderly, careful. Her slender body wasnaked from the waist up as she straddled him. Marian pulled Mark to a seated position against her. She flexed her knees against the mattress slightly, sliding her breasts up past the edge of his chin and into his mouth. He used one hand to hold her breast as his lips sealed over it, his tongue sliding against it as he began to suck. His free hand reached around and grabbed Marian's ass softly, still encased in her sweatpants, before grabbing the top edge and pulling the fabric down that gentle swell, slowly.

Marian still bobbed her breast against his mouth, and she helped him slide her sweatpants off, now completely naked as she straddled him. Her small womanly mound was capped with a small triangle of soft red hair which she pressed against his stomach. As he sucked, she slowly unbuttoned his shirt, reaching between her legs to undo the bottom button. Once she finished, she slipped his shirt off his muscular shoulders, throwing it aside with a smile. The zipper of his pants sounded loud as she pulled it down, breaking the sounds of both of their soft eager panting, and the moist sounds of his lips suckling her breasts. The only other sounds were the whisper of their bodies shifting on the sheets, and shifting against each other. She rose off his lap slightly, slipping his pants off, until Mark was sitting on the bed as naked as she was.

Marian lowered herself onto his lap again, his quickly hardening shaft pressed in the space between their stomachs. She spread her legs wide to either side of his. Mark took her nipple into his mouth again, hungry for the absence taste of her supple breast.

Marian lifted his chin with her hand and kissed him, softly, tenderly, looking into his eyes. Without a word they both knew. It was time. Marian lifted her body slightly, reaching behind and underneath her rear end as she hovered over him. She grabbed him in her eager hand, feeling him stiffen completely under her fingers. Marks eyes were on hers, as he felt Marian guide the tip of his erection to slide lightly along her moist folds, teasing it with the tiniest bit of entry before pulling it back. Then Mark gently grabbed her waist, turning her around. Marian smiled as she swivelled and faced away from him, still naked on his lap, until her thighs straddled his thighs again, spine against his stomach. Looking between them, Mark roamed his hands over her round ass, as it hovered over his erection, waiting. Marian was beautiful. Her hand slipped down her stomach and his hand reached around to follow, until his palm stroked her pubic hair, and the small pleasure nub just beneath. Marian reached between them and took his shaft into her hand again, making him twitch with anticipation. Slowly she guided his throbbing head to her moist furrow, slipping him inside her finally as his fingers caressed the newly formed joining of their bodies. Marian moaned softly as she slid down on his erection, until she was flush against his legs. Mark gasped as she encased him, pleasure wafting through him as both his hands reached around and rose to cup her breasts.

Marian leaned back against Mark's chest, her spine supple and willing against his stomach. He could feel the firms swells of her ass pressed against his body as she sheathed him. Marian rocked her head back, resting it on his shoulder, his quick breathing warm against the skin on her neck. She swivelled her hips slightly with him inside her, and her head rolled again his neck as a soft moan of pleasure flowed through her. They both gasped softly at the sensation, and she stretched her neck sensually beside Mark's mouth until he kissed it, the tip of his tongue tasting her skin. His hands still held both of her breasts, firm and real under his fingers. Marian swivelled her hips again, and Mark's mouth opened wordlessly, lost in the sensation.

"Marian, I've wanted you since the first time I saw you."

"I need you Mark. I want you. Don't stop now. Make love to me."

He thrust upward beneath her, lifting her naked body slightly. Marian gasped as he slid deeper into her. After his next thrust, she flexed her knees as they pressed into the mattress on either side of Mark, causing her body to rise even more and slide him out of her as she arched he back seductively. Her hips rose even further, the tight folds of her womanhood stopping almost at the top of his shaft, before sliding down again as he thrust upward. Mark's hands dropped from her small breasts to massage between her legs, her delicate red hair soft against his palm as he touched where he entered her.

With a moan, Marian rose and lowered herself as Mark rose to meet her again, his buttocks rising off the sheets under her body until she encased him again in mid-air. As they settled back down, fully joined again, he kissed her neck softly. Marian smiled at him inside her, curving her spine as she rubbed her shoulder blades against his chest, using them as leverage to rise and slide him outwards again. Her palms finally dropped to the bed besside his rocking, thrusting hips, supporting her weight as she rose and fell slowly, moaning in appreciation.

Mark's hands moved to her hips, and the tempo increased. Soon she was bouncing energetically up and down on his lap, his shaft sliding in and out of her and filling her with pleasures that made her gasps catch in her throat. Her breasts began to heave and bounce as he guided her bouncing hips, thrusting into her, his movements in counterpoint to her own.

Marian pulled him out of her, amazed at how empty doing that made her feel inside as she turned to face him. Mark scooted back, until his spine rested against the bed's headboard. Marian mounted him again, knees pressed into the mattress as she spread her legs. Mark grabbed her beautifully round, firm back side as she slid down on his stiff member, glistening slightly. As he held her ass, Marian began to rotate it slightly in small circles with him deep inside her, driving him in and out of her in a fluid motion as she worked her hips.

It was some time later when Marian was on her back beneath him, thighs spread to either side as his hips rocked slowly between them. Mark's upper body hovered over her, supported by his arms to either side of her chest as the lay on the bed. He looked down into her freckled face, into her beautiful eyes, such gorgeous eyes, hazed with ecstasy. Rotating his hips forward, he slid into her, pleasure coursing through their naked bodies as Marian gasped, spine arching off the bed. Her head rolled back and forth on the sheets, smiling as she moaned. Mark inhaled as her curved body rose, her breasts rising towards him. His lips opened and hovered over them, before looking down between their bodies, where his erection entered her, sheathed fully inside her.

Some time after that, Marian's arms were straight out to either side as she rested them on the top of the headboard, her shoulders against the wall behind it. Her slender, beautiful, body was extending downward at an angle towards him on the bed, where it met his waist, her ivory thighs wrapped around it. Mark was on his knees as he thrust into her, making her bob up and down in mid-air, as her clinging legs slid intoxicatingly across his hips. As both of their bodies rocked back and forth, her breasts began to bounce, beautiful as they moved. The more his glistening shaft slid in and out of her, the more their lustful moans grew, lost in the moment, lost in the sensations bursting across their skin and into their cores. Marian slid one leg up, resting her ankle on his shoulder as frantically, they continued, lost to thought. Her hands came off the headboard to hold his face, shoulders holding her up against the wall as he thrust repeatedly into her rocking body, harder and harder. She felt him lean closer to her, until she kissed him, as they both grunted into each other's mouths.

Minutes passed as the night continued, Marian gripped the top of the headboard firmly with her palms, arms outstretched as she faced it, as Mark knelt behind her. She was on her knees, bent over, stomach circling over the bed as he thrust into her from behind. They had lost all inhibitions, nothing was left unexplored in their hunger and their need. He rested one hand on the headboard beside her, the other was on the small of her back as he penetrated in and out of her, filled with the bliss of being inside Marian's body. He looked down to watch the firm spheres of her ass bounce against his hips, his shaft concealed and exposed between them with each quick, enthusiastic thrust. Her buttocks bounced eagerly against the small mass of his pubic hair as she rode his darting shaft. Marian smiled, her eyes closed, head rocking as she moaned. She was lost in the coupling, lost in the explosion of sensation. She wanted it to last forever.

Later it was Marian on her back, as Mark lay over her and cupped her breasts, sucking on the hardened nipples. Her thighs were spread wide to either side of his smooth stomach as he sucked, sending jolts of electricity dancing across her skin. His mouth dropped towards her waist, and a thrill went through her as his face slipped between her thighs. She craned her neck to watch as his mouth found her, lips and tongue sending a spasm of pleasure through her, mading her gasp. She threw her head back, mouth open as she groaned in ecstasy, shoulders and head sliding across the bed sheets as the twitched when his tongue entered her, driving her wild with pleasure. She gasped, wrapping her beautiful legs gratefully around his head.

Finally his head slid upward again across her stomach, stopping to kiss her belly button and make her giggle, nipping at her breast for the briefest of joyous moments as his body slid on top of her again. Mark's lips danced upward across the soft skin of her collar bone, rising to her mouth as she breathed heavily, and sealing over it as his hips pressed in tightly between her spread thighs. His erection entered her smoothly, like a returning primal need. Quickly they began again, his buttocks resting between her legs spread wide as their hands roamed greedily over every curve and muscle of each other's bodies. Soon they were lost in the frenzied rhythm of colliding genitals, lost in a sweaty urgency that consumed them beyond reason.

Their night continued, unsatiated. Marian was on her side on the bed, bringing one knee seductively forward as Mark spooned close behind her. He bobbed his shaft into her, wanting nothing else than to make love to her, over and over again. Their bodies had developed a thin sheen of sweat from the seemingly endless night, and Marian pushed her wet, red hair from her freckled face as her body bounced against him on the jumbled sheets. Finally they both grunted loudly, climaxing in one of the innumerable times they had that night. they released nearly together, first Mark, and them Marian a moment later. Slowly their movements stopped, like an avalanche coming to a rest, not guided by any conscious thought. They panted, chests rising and falling satiated, as the aftermath of their love making hummed electrically through their bodies, satiated.

Marian twisted her upper body, her chest and hips making enticing curves as Mark pulled out of her. Growing limp. His head dropped to kiss her breasts, before his lips found her mouth kissing her long and tenderly.

"Thank you..." Marian whispered, feeling that the hovering sensation of death that had been all around pushed back.... for the moment.

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