Katherine's Loss

Author: Steve
Subject: AU; B/K; McHo Bashing
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Warnings: R-ish. Language and a lot of implied smut.
Dedications: This is for Elsa for despising the McHo as much as I do with an honorable mention to Pirl for some most excellent FB involving the our little Katherine
Note: I wen't the 'K' instead of the 'C' in her name simply because that's the way I first saw it and I didn't feel like going back and changing since I was nearly finished with the story.
Note: There was a paragraph inspired by the book 'Four to Score' by Janet Evanovich.

"I'm going to Mother's for the weekend, Tobias. You'd better make up your mind whether you want us to be together or not. I'll call you when I get back on Monday" the attractive, dark-haired woman said in a grating, unpleasant voice.

//Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Thanks for the warning, bitch. And don't call me Tobias.// Toby Beecher thought to himself as Katherine made another one of her grand gestures before leaving for the weekend.

"Are you listening to me? I mean it this time. I want a ring or we're through." Katherine shouted as she stomped towards the door, looking over her shoulder at Toby, who was setting on the couch.

//Oh, please God let her mean it this time.// "Yes, dear. I'm listening. I'll talk to you on Mon--" Katherine slammed the door behind her as she left.

Toby sat for a moment, rubbing his temples. //Fuck, she makes my head hurt.//

Toby got up and walked into the kitchen, opening a cabinet and taking out a glass. He filled it with ice and poured himself a glass of water, seeking solace in the mundane, trying not to think about how his life had gotten so fucked.

Thinking back, it always seemed like whenever he would take a step forward to better a part of his life that he'd end up taking two steps back somewhere else, usually with his parents. They never seemed to be happy with Toby's choices. His mother, in particular, was critical of everything he did. Unfortunately, the only thing his mother currently approved of was Katherine and Toby was rapidly coming to the conclusion that he couldn't stand her.

The first big disappointment was Genevieve. His parents pressured him into marrying her against his better judgment. He reluctantly married her much to both of their regrets. Neither of them had been in love with the other and after six miserable months they had called it quits. Toby's parents had not been pleased.

Next, a year later, was Toby leaving his father's law firm. Harrison Beecher had been livid. He wanted both of his sons working under his direction so he could shape their future. Angus, Toby's brother, stayed with the firm, content to work with his father. Toby wanted more. He wanted to prove himself, both to himself and his family. To that end he sought out employment with another firm, which wasn't exactly a rival of his father's but that fact hadn't seemed to placate him any.

Things had calmed down somewhat recently. His parents ignored what they perceived as his 'indescretions'. His standing had also been helped by his dating Katherine McClain, a young associate at his father's firm. They'd been introduced at a New Year's Eve party at his parent's country club. Toby initially seemed to hit it off with her, much to his parents pleasure, but the longer he knew her, the more he realized he didn't even really like her, let alone love her.

His first mistake with Katherine had been letting her have a drawer in his apartment. She'd started leaving a few things here and there and ended up taking over two drawers and one end of the closet. Next, she decided they should move in together. Toby wasn't ready for that. He wasn't sure he ever would be. Now, she wanted to get engaged. Toby wasn't having any part of it. Besides the fact she was a bitch, he simply didn't love her. He'd been down that road before with Gen and it wasn't happening again.

Toby, who'd wandered back into the living room, finished his water and decided he needed something stronger. He sat the glass on in-table and got up to get his jacket but paused. //Fuck it. I've had enough.// He slowly went to the bedroom and opened the closet, pulling out a large duffel bag.

He took a deep breath and went to the large wooden dresser and opened a drawer. He started filling the bag with Katherine's things. The more he packed the better he felt. A few minutes later he'd cleared all of her things out of the dresser. He then went to the closet, removed all her things from it, and placed them in a garment bag. Finally, he went to the bathroom and put her toiletries into a small garbage bag, making sure to get everything, and tied it up. He took everything back to the living room and sat it by the front door.

"There's your answer, you fucking bitch" he said quietly to himself smiling. //I haven't felt this good in ages.//

Toby grabbed his jacket from the closet and headed out the door, still smiling. Life was good.

Two blocks from Toby's building Chris Keller was having a drink in the Blue Moon. The Blue Moon was an 'alternative lifestyle' bar. Thinking of that brought a smile to Chris's face. It was a gay bar. Most everyone who came in here knew it was a gay bar. He didn't see much point in calling it anything else.

Chris was setting, having a beer, keeping to himself when he noticed the tired looking blond man come in. He got a better look at the attractive man as he sat down a few stools away. Blond hair, small straight nose, and a pointed dimpled chin; he was definately worth taking a better look at even if he looked like he'd been beat down by life in general.

Chris picked up his beer and moved down the bar next to the blond man just in time to hear him order a margarita. He gingerly sat down in the stool next to the man.

"Hi, I'm Chris" he said introducing himself and holding out his hand.

With a slightly dubious look the man took his hand, saying at the same time "I'm Toby."

Chris, turning up the charm and smiling replied "Nice to meet you. I've never seen you here before."

Toby, trying not to stare at Chris but failing miserably, said "That's because I've never been here before."

Getting mixed signals from the blond, Chris asked "Uh...You do know what kind of bar this is don't you, Toby?"

"Oh, yeah" he replied, with a slow grin.

"So, are you...?"

"Let's just say I'm...curious. Other than that I don't know."

Well aware that Toby hadn't taken his eyes off of him Chris asked "So you want to have a drink with me? We can move to one of the tables in the back. It's a little quieter there and this place'll start picking up soon."

Toby paused, thinking about it and said "I'd like that."

The bartender brought Toby his drink and the two men moved to the back of the bar to a dimly lit corner table where they could talk.

The next couple of hours passed quickly. The two men spent the time getting to know each other both pleased to discover that they enjoyed the other man's company. They both had the occasional drink but more as an excuse to continue the conversation more than anything else.

Toby slowly opened up to Chris, surprising himself. He told Chris things he'd often thought about but never said to anyone. He told him about his failed marriage, his parents and their eternal disappointment with him, and Katherine. He let him know in no uncertain terms that he'd had enough of her.

Chris also opened up to Toby. He started out talking about his job as a Security Consultant. He told him he kept an apartment in the city but sometimes travel for his job. He told him he'd was free for the next ten days before he started his next job and that it was local. He then started to talk about his own failed marriage and his family. How his parents had both died when he was very young and he was raised by a maternal aunt who died a few years earlier.

It was getting later in the evening and business was picking up at the Blue Moon. The music was loud and the bar crowded. Chris and Toby where having trouble hearing each other and neither were inclined to take part in the festivities.

Toby, raising his voice to be heard, suggested to Chris "You want to get out of here? It's getting kind of rowdy in here."

Chris was glad Toby suggested it. He wasn't sure how Toby'd have reacted if he brought it up and he definately wasn't ready for the evening to end. "Yeah, let's go."

Both men stood and Chris took Toby's hand and lead him towards the exit of the now packed bar. Toby, who'd gone all tingly inside at Chris's touch, couldn't believe how this evening was turning out. Katherine was gone for all intents and purposes and on a whim he'd came into the Blue Moon, not really knowing what to expect, and met Chris. He wasn't sure where this was going but he had a feeling he'd enjoy the ride.

As the walked out the door Chris continued to lead Toby down the street a little, away from the busy entrance to the bar. He stopped, still holding Toby's hand, and turned to face him.

"So...what do you want to do?" He asked, reluctantly releasing Toby's hand.

Toby looked down at his hand and then back up into Chris's eyes and replied "I'm...not sure. There's a park a couple blocks from here next to my building. We could take a walk there if you want?"

Chris, well aware of Toby's hesitation, agreed. "That'd be great."

The two men walked slowly towards the park, continuing their conversation from earlier. They talked about their favorite movies, food, and where they went to school. They talked about their hobbies and what they liked and disliked most about their jobs. After walking around the park a couple of times they came back to the entrance closest to Toby's building.

Toby, more than a little smitten with Chris, shyly asked "Would you like to come up for a while?"

"I'd like that a lot" Chris responded, feeling just as drawn to Toby.

Toby stood facing Chris, their faces inches apart looking up into his eyes. In a low, breathy voice he asked "What would happen...if I kissed you?"

Licking his lips to moisten them, Chris replied "I don't know, Toby. Why don't we find out?" He leaned in, grinning, and met Toby halfway.

Sparks seemed to fly as their lips met, first hesitantly then with more ardor. Toby's tongue brushed Chris's lips a couple of quick times before seeking out Chris's. They explored each other thoroughly, both with their mouths and their hands, standing under the moon lit sky at the park entrance. Toby seemed to fall into Chris's strong arms as they held each other. After what seemed like an eternity but was in reality only a couple of minutes the two men reluctantly pulled apart, gasping for breath.

"Damn!" Toby said when he finally caught his breath, looking contented and much happier than he had when Chris first seen him.

With a wry grin Chris asked "Liked that, did ya?"

Toby replied firmly "Yes I did." Pulling away from Chris a little and reaching for his hand he continued "Lets go on up."


Still holding his hand, Toby led Chris to his building and into the elevator. As the door closed he pulled Chris to him and kissed him again. They held each other, their hands each wandering over the other man's body as they kissed. They finally pulled apart when the elevator door opened.

Panting heavily, Toby said "This way." He grasped a smiling Chris by the shirt and pulled him down the hallway to his door.

Chris stopped short at the door as Toby was fumbling for his keys. He grabbed Toby by the shoulders and turned him. Chris kissed him, enveloping him in his arms. Hands trailing down his back, Toby lost himself in Chris. He felt safe, desired.

Toby pulled away from Chris's lips and nuzzled into his neck and whispered "Let's go in."

Chris, unwilling to completely release Toby, kept his hand on the small of Toby's back he unlocked the door. He followed him in as Toby flipped on a light. Chris stumbled against a duffle bag setting by the door. He gave Toby a questioning look as he turned.

"Katherine's things. I packed them before I went out."

"Her loss..." Chris paused kissing Toby again. His tongue sought out Toby's and they explored each other's mouths before Chris continued "...is my gain."

Toby laughed at that. "It is?" He said playfully as he stepped on into the apartment, looking around and thinking //Thank God I tidied up earlier. It's not too bad.// He gave Chris an inquiring look.

"Definately. The apartment's nice."

//Nice. I wonder what 'nice' means.// "You want something to drink?"

Chris reached over and cupped the side of Toby's face, looking him directly in the eyes. "I want you."

Toby, both excited and nervous, said "Good. But this is all new to me..."

"We'll figure it out." Chris pulled him close but Toby stopped him. Concern flashed in Chris's eyes.

"Let's take it to the bedroom" Toby said in a low, husky voice before Chris could get the wrong idea. "It's this way."

Touching Chris lightly on the arm before reaching down and taking his hand, Toby lead him to the bedroom.

Toby woke just as the sun was rising. He felt warm and content with a smile on his face. He could feel Chris next to him. //He's still here!// Toby thought to himself. //Sex is a mighty fine thing but I think I've had enough for a year or so.// He looked at his lover, illuminated by the pale, dawn light and snuggled closer to him. Chris, still sleeping, draped an arm over him and held him close. //Okay, so maybe til after breakfast...// Toby thought as he drifted back to sleep.

They woke in each others arms hours later and after a long talk over breakfast they decided to spend the weekend together. After a rather eventful shower Toby drove Chris across town to his apartment where he changed and packed a bag for the weekend.

They then returned to Toby's, dropped Chris's things off and went out for a late lunch. It was a beautiful autumn day and neither man wanted to spend it inside. They stopped by the deli on the corner and picked up sandwiches for lunch and went to the river and watched boats pass by as the ate. They continued to get to know each other over a long walk and then went back to Toby's apartment.

"So what do you want to do now?" Toby asked opening the door to the apartment.

"This comes to mind" Chris replied, wrapping his arms around Toby's waist from behind and holding him tight. He nibbled on his ear then kissed his way down Toby's neck.

Toby laughed "Hold on there, Tiger. Save some for later."

Gently guiding his lover through the door and nudging in closed with a foot, Chris said "There's plenty to go around."

"Uh huh. I believe that."

Toby went into the kitchen after Chris let go of him. "See if anything is on TV. You want a beer?"

"A beer'd be great."

Toby came in and sat next to Chris on the couch, handing him the beer as he sat down. "Find anything?"

"A Fish Called Wanda?"

"Good choice. I don't want to have to concentrate on the TV."

Chris, grinning like the cat that got the canary, said "Well what do you want to concentrate on?"

"This." Toby put his arms around Chris's neck and started to nibble on his ear.

Chris turned to face him and gave him a quick kiss. Looking him straight in the eye he said quietly "Toby, I think I'm falling in love with you."

Toby looked floored by that, not unhappy but definately surprised. He said "Good. I know I'm in love with you. I was afraid it was just me..."

With a look of pure joy, Chris leaned forward and kissed Toby passionately. Toby responded, laying back and snaking his arms around Chris and pulling him down on top of him. His hands roamed over Chris's body, exploring the strong back and the most fantastic ass he'd ever seen. Chris's hands were restless also, his feather-light touches driving Toby wild.

Toby, moaning in pleasure, gasped "I want you...Oh God...I want you more than I've ever wanted anyone in my life..."

Chris replied with a cockey grin "All you had to do was ask..."

//I've let him suffer long enough. He's had enough time to make up his mind.// Katherine McClain thought to herself as she rode the elevator up to Toby's apartment. She'd come back a day early and she didn't want to wait until Monday morning to talk to him.

She walked down the hall to Toby's apartment and let herself in with the spare key he'd given her after she first spent the night with him. The first thing she noticed was a duffel back, a garment bag, and a small garbage bag setting by the door.

//Why is this stuff here?// She wondered but her thoughts were interupted by what sounded like moaning. //What's that?// "Tobias, are you okay?" She called as the moaning got louder and more frantic.

As she walked to the bedroom she heard what sounded like Tobias moaning "Chris". The bedroom door was pulled to but not closed so she shoved it open. She stood, frozen in shock by what she saw.

Tobias was naked and straddling an attractive dark haired man. His head was thrown back and both he and the other man were covered in a light sheen of persperation making them glisten in the late afternon light. The man held Tobias by the waist as they rocked in unison, oblivious to their surrondings.

Finding her voice, she shouted "What's going on here?"

They both looked at her; Toby rolled off the man, looking more annoyed than embarassed. "What are you doing here, Katherine?"

She screamed "I said what the fuck is going on here, Tobias?!?!"

At the same time Chris said to Toby "Maybe I should be going."

"No, you stay. This won't take long. Besides, we're not finished." He smiled at Chris, pointedly ignoring the unwelcome visitor, before standing up and facing her. With no sign of contriteness, he said to her "What are you doing here, Katherine? You were supposed to call me tomorrow."

Katherine, starting to cry, said "I wanted to surprise you. I thought you would have made up your mind about us. And I come in to find you fucking some man!" Her voice hit a hysterical note on the last sentence.

Chris pulled on a pair of boxers and went into the kitchen, uncomfortable witnessing the scene.

Toby, still calm, said "I've made up my mind about us, alright. I packed all your things. They're setting by the door."

"But I thought you loved me" she sobbed.

"Katherine, I don't even think I like you. I don't think I've been happy since we started going out."

"How could you do this to me? And with a MAN?!?!"

"Oh fuck you, you self-centered bitch!" Toby shouted, having had enough. "You think everything is always about you, don't you? Well, I've got news for you. Chris is better looking than you, more fun than you, and definately better in bed and guess what? This isn't about you, it's about me and the fact that I'm tired of you and your shit."

"But I thought we were getting engaged!"

Toby, livid by this point, said "I think we've said all that needs to be said Katherine. You should go."

"What am I going to tell your father?" she wailed.

Toby snapped. "Tell him you walked in on me taking it up the ass! Tell him I was loving it! Tell him I dumped you because you were such a needy cunt! Don't tell him anything! Tell him to call me if wants to know about me! I don't give a fuck what you tell him, you bitch. Now get your shit and get the fuck out of my apartment!"

"But Tobias-"

"Chris, come say goodbye to Katherine. She was just leaving" Toby called in a deceptively pleasant voice. To Katherine he said. "Don't fucking call me Tobias. I hate that."

Chris sauntered into the room and stood next to Toby and with a sardonic little wave he said "Bye."

Katherine, who had finally stopped sobbing, looked at him frostily and said "Give me a call when you get tired of this pathetic little man. I'll show what a good time is." She stared directly at Chris.

Chris, who'd kept his opinions to himself so far, said in a quiet, almost deadly, voice "Lady, the only thing pathetice I see here is you and I'd just assume cut my dick off before sticking it in a ball-breaking bitch like yourself." He put his arm around Toby's shoulder.

"GET. THE. FUCK. OUT." Toby shouted, stepping away from Chris. He opened the door and started tossing the bags with Katherine's things into the hall.

Katherine, so enraged at this point that her mouth was moving but no sound was coming out ran out to grab her things. She turned just in time to see Toby slam the door in her face.

"Sorry. I wish you hadn't seen that. I was going to deal with her tomorrow and get rid of her shit then."

"It's okay. You sure you want me to stay?" Chris asked his lover.

"Yeah, I do" Toby replied leading Chris to the couch and pulling him down next to him. "Always" he continued wrapping Chris in his arms and brushing his lips across his forehead before kissing him soundly on the lips.


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