Nick of Time

Author: Riley Cannon
Subject: B/K, Genevieve, AU; rated NC-17 for m/m loving
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Disclaimers/warnings: Tom Fontana and HBO own them, I’m only borrowing them for non-profit angst and smut.
Warnings… Okay, this *might* have a teensy bit of an edgier note than usual, I’m a lousy judge of that, but most of the usual stuff is present as well. It also contains a few Hollywood clichés, the kind gleaned from watching Jackie Collins mini series. Not that I have, of course, ever done such a thing. ;)
Summary: Suppose one day in the spring of 1997, Toby got behind the wheel of his expensive car and took a different route, one that did not lead to either a girl named Kathy Rockwell or a place called Oz. Suppose further that Chris, while no innocent angel, had also taken a different turn that didn’t include any murders. And then suppose that fate once more goes and smacks into destiny…

Dedicated to Danielle, on her natal day; supplier of endless wonderful ideas for Come in from the Rain, possessor of vast musical knowledge, unflagging supporter of the B/K boys, Red Sox fan extraordinaire, and all around really peachy person. *g*

Beta’d by Mav – thanks for the fabulous job.

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