Shadow Boxing

Author: Jenn
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Rough Sex
Pairing: Sean and Ryan
Authors Notes: Special thanks to Liz for her input and brainstorming.
Disclaimer: Oz and all characters within belong to Tom Fontana. He is amazing
Archive: yes, C5, Unit B, Podmates, bjwpro


Henry Stanton, that fuckin' guy was a total jiz bag. Ryan didn't trust the fat blonde fuck as far as he could throw him but no one would listen.

From the second that Stanton opened his mouth, Ryan knew he was full of shit. *In for spousal abuse...right...* So he wasn't surprised when he checked Stanton's rap sheet and found three counts of molestation and child endangerment. But a fuckin' child molester, locked up there in protective custody all alone with Cyril... FUCK!

With a grunt, Ryan slammed his fist into the heavy weighted punching bag, his mind echoing McManus' words. "Too fuckin' bad, O'Reily. I'm not your brother's babysitter."

Another angry blow and Devlin went down, that cunt, Claire Fuckin' Howell. Again and again the room filled with the sounds of Ryan's frustration as he fought against the images of all that held him back.

In the corner, Murphy sighed. *Well, It's better than the alternative...*

Ryan had been uptight and on edge for days. He'd gone through EmCity picking fight after fight with every loser within a five foot radius, but when he chose Hoyt as his outlet, Murphy knew he had to step in. If he didn't, the kid was going to get himself killed.

"....Shut your fuckin' mouth, O'Reily, or you're gonna' be talkin' outta' the otha' side a' your head..." Menacingly, Hoyt stepped up towering over the smaller man hoping intimidation would be enough to back him down. Personally, Jaz he had nothing against Ryan and didn't want to have to hurt him, but the feisty Irishman just wouldn't take the hint...

"Take your best fuckin' shot you glorified billboard..."

As Hoyt's fist closed around Ryan's throat, inmates and correctional officers alike started eagerly placing their bets. Officer Sean Murphy however, took it upon himself to intervene, grabbing Ryan by the back of the shirt and dragging him out of the unit over a chorus of disapproving hisses and boos.

He should have been taken straight to the hole; that's where anyone who broke the rules ended up; "...No fucking, no fighting in EmCity..." after all, but this was Ryan O'Reily and *he* seemed to be exempt whenever Sean Murphy was concerned.

"Chill the fuck out, O'Reily." Connecting hard with the chain link in the gymnasium, Sean held Ryan at bay trying to stop his struggling.

"Fuck you, Murph! Let me go!" Ryan wrapped his hand around Sean's fist trying to untwist it from his shirt. "You of all people should understand! He's my fuckin' brother and I can't do anything to help him!"

Ryan attempted to wriggle free but Murphy just tightened his hold, pressing the younger man against the fence with the full length of his body. "I feel for you Ryan, I really do. I got brothers too, man, I know how it is, but how is getting your ass kicked going to help Cyril?"

Ryan's pain wasn't the only thing that Sean could feel, and silently he prayed that the incensed inmate would stop squirming against him...

Ryan's lips tightened in silent protest, but he seemed to relax a bit as Sean's words penetrated his haze of anger. Murphy was right, a trip to the infirmary would leave Cyril open and vulnerable to the predators in this hell hole, not to mention that Gloria's preoccupation with ignoring him while laid up wouldn't do his disposition any good. His body sagged against the fence but the fury that burned in his eyes still smoldered dangerously bright.

"I don't look forward to explaining to Cyril why you're not around anymore after Hoyt or one of them other numb nuts cracks in your skull, Ryan," Murph continued gently. Cautiously, he released his hold. "Leave it in here, my man. I can't promise anything, but I'll talk to McManus for you. All right?" He led Ryan through the gate and into the weight room where, with a casual slap on the back, he tossed Ryan a pair of gloves.

Ryan's silence was enough to let Sean know he had made his point. As he started working off his agitation on the punching bag, Murphy settled in against the far wall. By the way he was going after the bag, Murphy wondered if maybe Ryan could've taken Hoyt after all.

Either way, it was going to be a long day... A long day well spent though...

He loved watching Ryan. The way he moved, slim waisted pants hugging tight to his slender frame as he stalked through Emcity, his head held high. His eyes, when sparked into anger bled with a lust for the game that had no equal. The man was something to behold. Ten times as much when the shit was hitting the fan; and given the heavy strain he was under of late, to Sean, Ryan was at his best, a giant ball of fury, scheming sex appeal and lechery.

From the shadows, Sean sighed as he watched Ryan overcome by another fit of rage. As each punch connected with a dull slap, Sean winced sympathetically, the solid mass hardly moving under the younger man's anger but still he continued his fruitless campaign for damage.

A thin sheen of sweat blanketed across Ryan's shoulders and back. Beneath his pale skin, lithe muscles rolled and swelled from exertion. The young Mick was usually more careful about wearing his heart on his sleeve, but to see him like this...

Soon, Ryan O'Reily wasn't the only frustrated one in the room.

Ryan's swings were growing increasingly sluggish. Exhaustion was taking it's toll but true to form he would not yield. He just kept striking out with everything he had until all Sean could hear was the violent rush of Ryan's breath in between powerful grunts and blows.

Much to Sean's growing dismay, instead of calling it quits, Ryan proceeded to throw down the gloves and tear his dampened wife beater from his overheating body. Half naked and irate, he returned to the sand bag, now bare-knuckling it for all that he was worth, the sharp pain from his unprotected fists helping to rid him of his guilt.

It never failed. It seemed the more troublesome a young man was, the more Sean found himself drawn to him, and no one was more trouble, more often, than Ryan O'Reily. Slowly, he slid his fingertips over his straining erection as it pressed uncomfortably against the stiff fabric of his uniform.

"I don't need this right now," he murmured under his breath, but still, he couldn't break his trance.

Completely absorbed in every muscle of Ryan's body as they rippled and flexed with anger, Sean stared hungrily. Heavy beads of sweat gradually forming along Ryan's hairline drew Murphy's attention as they began their slow descent; trailing down his shoulder blades, caressing his spine, slowly disappearing into the sweet subtle dip below the soaking waistline of his low slung shorts.

The droplets may have stopped there but Sean's appraisal continued. Like cling wrap, the dark green sateen fabric adhered to Ryan's tight ass. His firm legs, sparsely sprinkled with barely visible light brown hair were slightly parted, rigid amidst a thin sheen of perspiration that hugged to the sharp slopes of his powerful, tauten calves. His entire body seemed to be one huge knot of tension just begging for release.

Quickly, Sean snapped his eyes shut and tried to will his erection away but the heat rising off of Ryan's well worked flesh surrounded him in a moist blanket of the younger man's musk making him uncomfortably hot. Trailing his tongue across his upper lip only made things worse, the salty sweat playing across his tongue conjured up images of licking the sharp bite of wetness off of Ryan's skin.

*Get a grip on yourself, Sean, O'Reily's an inmate,* he told himself. *And not just an inmate but one of the most cunning and dangerous in Emcity, probably the entire prison and you're a correctional officer bound by duty to ...fuck...* It wasn't working. If anything, the scenario sounded more like the story line to some bad porno and only made him hotter. With a thud, his head hit a locker behind him a bit too hard....

Trembling with exhaustion, Ryan finally gave in. Draping his arms over the suspended bag in front of him, he swiped his forehead across the coarse canvas when sudden noise drew his attention from behind. Thick tension filled the room as Ryan's eyes narrowed in on Sean's, the c.o.'s expression caught between one of shame and one of ecstasy as he stared back.

"Fuck Murph..." Ryan cocked his head, his eyes fixing on Sean's groin. "That for me?"

Murphy froze, his breath hitching only slightly as the inmate sauntered closer. Briefly he wondered if his life should be flashing before his eyes, both professionally and physically.

Stopping a short distance from Sean, Ryan's eyes remained unreadable, though, as he trailed his hand absently down his flat abdomen, Sean could see the incomplete grin that creased across the edges of his eyes. Maybe he wasn't homosexual, but O'Reily was definitely pleased by the current circumstances and Sean couldn't tell if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

Hooking his thumbs into the elastic of his boxers, Ryan allowed the tension to bring the thin fabric down just enough to expose the fist sprinklings of his soft dark curls. He smirked as Sean's body tightened expectantly.

Sean was entranced, and though the rational side of his brain insisted that he take control of the situation, that Ryan was dangerous, even vulnerable right now, clearly, his cock had other ideas. Butterflies filled his stomach and testosterone flowed straight to his nuts as Ryan leaned in.

Resting his head next to the C.O.'s against the cold stone cement; his breath coming in short gasps warm against Sean's face, Ryan idly skimmed his pelvis against Sean's thigh. "What? "This what you want, Murph?"

Ryan looked down between them then back up to Sean, who was already totally consumed with the closeness. With a smile, he slowly exposed his semi erect rod.

Head hung low and his lips slightly parted, Sean's entire world was quickly becoming reduced to each slow stroke of Ryan's cock. He watched in awe as Ryan's fingers danced, his chest flexing sweetly with each deliberate tug as he jerked himself just a few inches away. All the while, that little voice in the back of Sean's mind continued to nag at him.

*Take control Murphy. You know that O'Reily is playing with you; some hidden agenda always lurks beneath those intoxicating good looks.* But that was easier said than done.

His eyes shadowed by a haze of gray-green desire and weighted down with lust, Ryan gazed deep into Sean's hypnotically. "You wanna' touch me, Murph?..." Intentionally he let his hand brush against Sean's groin, their lips almost touching.

Grounding himself against the wall, Sean forced himself cool down. It was hard. Ryan was close, his breath glossing Sean's lips with moisture. Their combined heat just two degrees short of full body contact. He had to take charge...

...197 degrees....

A string of Ryan's pre cum clung to Murphy's dress blues.

...197.1... *...fuck...*He was going to lose it, buckle under the pressure and give Ryan exactly what he was looking for, unconditional surrender.

Just when he thought he was done for, Ryan panicked and abruptly pulled away. "Well, it ain't gonna' happen Murphy, so forget it," he covered spitefully. "I ain't no fuckin' faggot..."

As Ryan turned away from him, Sean breathed a sigh of relief, even while his body shook violently from restraint. He knew that Ryan needed to purge himself before he exploded, but it had to be on his terms.

Grabbing Ryan sharply by the hips, Sean spun him around. "Neither am I, O'Reily." Forcefully, he pressed his broad forearm against Ryan's bare chest knocking him backward toward weight bench.

Ryan looked pissed, and though his body was rigid and his breath hissing angrily, he didn't actually struggle until he was laid out on his back. With Ryan taken off guard, Sean had just enough time to unsnap his handcuffs from his belt and slap them down on Ryan's wrists catching him between the bench and the barbell. "But now that you mention it, yeah, I do want to touch you..."

Murphy smiled down wickedly, leaving Ryan looking utterly furious and from what Sean could feel, harder than he had ever been. The slight grin that played just under the resistant inmate's sneer proved Sean's theory. Ryan wanted this just as much as he did. Wedging his knee between Ryan's legs, Sean gently grazed against Ryan's testicles to gain his undivided attention and whispered teasingly against his ear.

"Tell me to stop," Sean challenged boldly, knowing that Ryan wouldn't. "One word kid, and I'm gone." He smiled, his face hovering just above Ryan's. "Tell me you don't want this."

Slowly, Sean moved down Ryan's body as whispered inaudible grunts of protest softened into succulent whimpers. Nipping and licking he explored the sweet skin of Ryan's neck, his slender shoulders, the sensitive undersides of Ryan's trembling arms.

As he pulled down the front of Ryan's shorts, he added a teasing lilt to his previous offer as he blew across Ryan's swelling cock meat. "I can walk away at any time, kid..." Looking up at his captive from between his legs, Sean jiggled the handcuffs playfully.

**An image of himself, cuffed, spread out on the bench like a buffet as Schillenger and Robson walked into the gym, flashed through Ryan's mind.**

"You wouldn't fuckin' dare," he growled angrily. When Sean's brow wrinkled and Ryan felt the weight lifting from his legs he panicked.

"No, wait..."

Sean smiled, knowing that he had Ryan right where he wanted him. "You want to work off some of that frustration with me, or you want to go back to Emcity?" Gently, his hands traveled the length of Ryan's torso.

Suspended over his head, Ryan's biceps flexed as he fought against his desire. He wouldn't answer verbally, he couldn't, but bucked against Sean, dry fucking his thigh and cursing under his breath as Sean's tongue found a nipple.

"Fuuuuck..." Ryan thrashed, his body retreating slightly from the contact as though Sean's every touch pained him.

Sean pulled away refusing any more than simple chaste touches until he had Ryan's willful submission. "Say it, Ryan."

Ryan seethed, his eyes squeezing shut against the truth even as his body still gyrated against Sean's. "Fuck you..."

When Sean pulled away, he got his silent answer as Ryan stared up at him looking deliciously bereft. Shock that Sean would actually end this just like that painted Ryan's features and made Murphy smile.

"Not this time," he breathed heavily. "But we'll talk..."

Sean pulled the radio from his shoulder and dropped his belt to the floor. With a whisper of contact, he ran his fingers down Ryan's sides until they came to rest on his hips. He inhaled deeply as he pressed his lips firmly against Ryan's, smiling openly against the younger man's mouth as a deep sigh vibrated against his lips.

Sean moved down his neck, nipping and nibbling across the young tender skin, making Ryan tremble and tense as he fought against his own growing need. Across his collarbone and down his chest, Sean's mouth slicked every inch of Ryan's warm, moist skin, spending an inordinate amount of time at the sensitive pink nipples until Ryan groaned aloud.

Breathing heavily, Ryan pressed closer, thrusting against Sean's hardness, his actions relaying a desperate, yet unspoken need to feel that hard cock rubbing bare against his own. Murphy slid lower, lapping every morsel of Ryan's sweat soaked skin, down the raised scar and over his belly; dipping tentatively into Ryan's tight naval, his teeth gently grazing across the rim before moving downward toward the slim waist.

Giving the shorts a gentle tug, Sean again revealed the beginnings of Ryan's dark patch of pubic hair, this time able to savor the feel of the coarse curls against his lips. Through the thin material of Ryan's shorts, Sean traced his mouth over the thick outline of Ryan's penis, teasing him, sending a sharp jolt of frustration through the younger man's body.

He slid his hand up the cuff where bare fingers gingerly cupped Ryan's throbbing cock, feeling it's gentle curve and passionate inner rhythm as it arched against his palm. "I want to see you, Ryan..."

Ryan's eyes were more intense than Sean had ever seen boring into him with a need that far surpassed verbal consent. Taking in the sight, Sean slowly memorized every inch of Ryan's solid build, the simple rise and fall of his flat abdomen with each shaky breath.

Reaching out, he pressed his palm into Ryan's stomach and trailed down to the shallow of his sharply defined hips while deftly doing away with the last bits of fabric that separated them. With gentle pressure, he dug his fingers in and slid Ryan's body toward him as far as the handcuffs would allow.

Ryan's stiff and pale cock stood out proudly against his darkened curls and jumped slightly as Sean's hot mouth grew close. As Murphy leaned in, Ryan spread his legs, eyes watching now with open interest and unabashedly begging for whatever Sean was about to offer. Wrapping his fingers around the thick root of Ryan's shaft, Sean slid the glistening tip against the velvety underside of his lips before engulfing him completely.

The harder the young Irishman tried force his voice back down, the sexier the noises that came out. Gasps heavily resembling cries flowed from Ryan's tightening chest, spurring Sean on as he squirmed against the smooth cushion beneath him.

As Ryan jerked forward, Sean slid his hands underneath and worked one finger into the tight crack. Without invading the sweet virgin opening, Sean's finger slid back and forth in rhythm with his mouth.

Ryan's hips gyrated as the suction picked up, making love to Sean's mouth. "God, Sean... Uncuff me, please..." Ryan pleaded harshly, the first firm statement out of his mouth since this all began.

Sean thought he pushed it. Ryan's brain had caught up with his libido and regret was setting in.

Letting the heavy meat slip from his lips, Sean quickly slithered up Ryan's body to release his hands but was surprised when, as he leaned over Ryan's face to reach the lock, warm wet lips locked against his throat. Ryan didn't wait for the other wrist to be freed before wrapping his arms around Murphy.

Forcing their bodies together with ferocious need, Ryan kissed Sean hard, their mouths connecting for an impossibly long time as they battled with tongues and limbs. Ryan's thrusts shortened, his hips hitting harder against Sean's groin and Sean knew that Ryan was about to cum.

Grabbing hold of Ryan's tight ass, Sean met Ryan thrust for thrust driving them both over the edge, and as Ryan came and his body stiffened, Sean held him close, Ryan's fingers kneading bruisingly into Sean's back as the warm wetness pooled between them.

Sean could feel Ryan's breathing even out, his moist heat penetrating Sean's senses and gently he rolled off. "Feeling better?"

The instant Sean's weight shifted, Ryan pushed him off and sat up running his shaky hands through his sweaty hair. "Fuck," he whispered hoarsely.

Hooking his belt, and buttoning up his shirt, Sean smiled. "Was that a good fuck or a bad fuck?"

The ever present scowl returned to Ryan's face but was quickly replaced with an unbidden laugh. "I guess that would depend on which "fuck" you were referring to?"

Sean's grin widened. "I know the physical fuck was good, Ryan. I was there." Shaking his head, Ryan went back to his silence.

"No one will know about this, Ryan." Again, just a gesture. Ryan nodded silently.


"This had nothing to do with him. I'd have talked to McManus either way. And don't try and tell me that you thought it was the only way that I'd help you, 'cause that's bull. And it doesn't have to happen again," he added slyly, knowing very well that it would.

Ryan could hear the slight mocking tone of Sean's voice and knew that if it were to happen again, he would have to do some heavy flirting. Again sinking into the palms of his hands, Ryan mumbled. "I'm going to hell."

"Probably," Sean grinned as he helped him up from the bench. "But not for this." With that, Sean took Ryan's lips fully and held him in a heated embrace for what seemed like forever to Ryan, but suddenly, forever felt like a flicker of a second and Sean was headed for the exit.

It took a minute for Ryan to get a hold of himself, standing across the gym, his eyes still closed, his clothing disheveled and his finesse falling by the wayside not knowing what to say. "What do we do about this?"

Murphy smiled. "Just do what you always do, Ryan. Don't change a thing."


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